Friday, December 14, 2012


Lately there have been many jokes made about the world coming to an end next week. Does most of the world truly believe this is going to happen? Probably not. But the reality is, life could truly be over when we least expect it. We don't go to a movie theater or a mall with the thought that we will never return home. We don't kiss our children goodbye and put them on the school bus or drop them off at school believing that this will be the last time we do so. Tragedies like the events today in Connecticut prove that while we never expect these things to happen, it doesn't mean they won't.

Having a child who is the same age as these children affected, this story hits entirely too close to home. It is absolutely heartbreaking and horrifying that someone could commit such a horrible act against BABIES. I cannot imagine what these parents must be going through. I know when they sent their children off to school they never could have dreamed that this would happen. Life is too short...for these poor kids, it was tragically too short. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, and as hard as that is to think about, the good news is that we have today. Today I will snuggle my baby boy a little closer. I'll keep telling him I love him 100 times a day. I will tickle him until he can't speak and enjoy those precious giggles. I will put off the dishes and give my son the attention he asks for. And most importantly, I will pray for those parents who will not have that chance again.


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