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Life Via Instagram {12/14}

Seems I didn't do my 'Life via Instagram' last week...not sure what happened there, but that just means lots to share this week. Actually, most of these are from last week I think. Shaun and I have been sick all this week. I'm going to blame, for the most part, the crazy weather. Hot and cold and hot again...our poor bodies can't handle it!! Has Indiana weather always been this way, and I'd just gotten used to California!? Crazy! On top of the horrible coughs and runny noses, Shaun was also struck last night by some type of stomach bug! Blech! (What's even worse is that it means that we will be missing my parent's 25th Anniversary Party this weekend...3 hours is too long a drive to risk puke in a car, especially since the husband has to work so it'd be just me!) Anyway, enough of that, onto some pictures!

I've mentioned Shaun's new found obsession with Star Wars, right? And of course I know I've talked about his long time obsession with Christmas! So when we saw this cute little Star Wars tree at Toys R Us, he just HAD to have it!! He decorated it himself! (I did redecorate later so we could add some lights and a little star.) I figure if the boys get a Star Wars tree (because you know, Daddy appreciates it too!), then mommy should get a pink tree too, right? They don't agree...maybe next year!

I have to make a confession, I've been really bad about getting my coupons organized lately. It can take me a few weeks to get them cut, and often they don't even end up in the binder after they're cut...just a little ziploc baggie I take with me shopping. This makes getting them all ready for checkout much harder, to say the least. When my mother in law came to visit last month, we scored these adorable coupon binders at Target...on clearance of course! We each bought one and I'm happy to say I FINALLY got everything clipped and organized. Since I primarily shop at the commissary, I have my binder arranged by the layout of the store. It works for me! Do you use a coupon binder? How do you organize? 

Have you seen the Carseat Canopy deal floating around? Pay just shipping (about $12) for a Carseat Canopy with the code ENBABY...Regular price is $50, so that's a pretty awesome deal if you ask me! I actually purchased this before we lost our baby, but it was on back order and just arrived last week. As we still intend on adding onto our family soon, I was still excited to get it. I cannot tell you how absolutely gorgeous and soft it is in person. The bottom photo shows the under side of the canopy, and yes, it's just as soft as it looks...maybe more so! If you haven't already, I definitely suggest heading over to carseatcanopy.com and place your order!! (You can also use the same code with Seven Slings & Udder Covers for a free carrier and nursing cover...again just pay shipping! A deal like that is too good to pass up...I ordered all 3!!)

My silly little man...he was supposed to smile! Ha!

Over the weekend, my husband requested fried chicken. Can I just say I hate making fried chicken? Because in all honesty, I'm not that great at it. I have never been able to get it crispy enough like my husband would prefer. But I'm happy to say, I finally figured it out! It was perfect! But that's not really the point of the  picture...the point is, this is why you should wear an apron when making fried chicken...flour EVERYWHERE! 

Shaun was using Siri to text Daddy. Actually, the first message he used Siri, the second message he typed...and I have no idea where he got 'OMG' because I NEVER use that! So silly!!

On Shaun's wishlist this year- the Wii U...which unfortunately is out of budget, so he took matter into his own hands! If only it were that easy, right?

Our little tree is filling up with gifts! (There are actually a lot more than it looks...just lots of little packages and everything is bunched together so it's not in the way...we didn't have an ideal place for the tree!)

I may have a little bit of a body spray addiction, but is that really such a bad thing!?

I won this wonderful Boppy from a giveaway over at Sippy Cup Chronicles. Again, this is a giveaway I'd entered before our miscarriage, but regardless, I know it will be used before too long, and I was thrilled to win. This is actually on my list of baby must haves...we used it ALL THE TIME with Shaun...aside from nursing, it was also great for propping him up on the floor (or playpen) and a little added support when he was learning to sit on his own!

A project that had needed done for ages...organizing all my cleaning supplies above the washer and dryer! I had to lower this bottom shelf, which I'd thought would be much harder than it actually was...so glad to have it done now!

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned our struggle with getting Shaun to agree to get rid of the Thomas bed...which he honestly hasn't slept in in ages!! He can't seem to part with it but we really don't have the room, so as I was taking it apart, I came up with a compromise- I moved the front, toy box piece into his bedroom...It's not ideal, but he's happy and it freed up space so I'll take it!!

Loved seeing this in my Dayspring Christmas countdown...one of my very favorite verses!

And speaking of Dayspring...after contemplating this lovely tabletop mirror since it came out, I finally purchased it!! I have the jewelry tree from the same collection, as you can see, so it was a perfect addition!! Seriously, gorgeous!!

In my last Instagram post, I shared the bird cage card holder I'd bought. (Once again from Dayspring!). When I purchased it, I honestly had no idea where I was going to put it, but I realized it worked quite nicely on my bedroom with the other bird decor!! Still loving it!

Oh, and while you're here, don't forget to enter the Scentsy giveaway I have going on for a chance to win a plugin and bar! The Origami Owl winner has been chosen and notified, so please be sure to check your emails and see if you've won! (And check your spam folders too, just in case!!

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