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Something For The Kids: Discovery Toys {Review, Discount}

I am really excited about the latest company on the Holiday Gift Guide. As I had said before I started, my main goal was to focus on small businesses and direct sales companies for these reviews. There are truly a ton of great direct sales companies, and a little something for everyone on your list, but it does seem that the majority are geared towards adults...that's why I am so excited to announce today's sponsor: Cindy Madison, Discovery Toys Consultant!!

If you haven't heard of Discovery Toys, it is a wonderful education/developmental toy company. They put it well on their website:

A Discovery Toys product is not a typical educational toy that you can find at every local toy store.  We strive to incorporate multiple Layers of Learning into our products that stimulate multiple centers in the brain simultaneously -- an experience that promotes both critical thinking AND open-ended imaginary play. 

Before this review, I had heard of Discovery Toys, but had never purchased anything from there. One thing I had heard in the past was that it was a very Autism friendly company. In fact, in the catalog, each toy has a key that corresponds to various learning skills that are important for children with Autism and other special needs. This is a fantastic feature for myself and other moms with children on the spectrum. And on top of that, Cindy also informed me that they have recently partnered with Autism Speaks as well! So not only are they toys great for our kiddos, but go to support an awesome cause as well. Don't have a child with special needs? That's okay...Discovery Toys are great for ALL kids. Below are just a few reason why they offer the best educational toys money can buy:
 1. Discovery Toys products develop CREATIVE THINKERS.  
2. Discovery Toys products are KID‐POWERED.
3. Discovery Toys products offer many LAYERS OF LEARNING anda) develop multiple developmental skills and learning pathways,b) provide a progressive learning experience and grows with the child, &c) support multiple learning styles (auditory, visual, kinesthetic). 
4. Discovery Toys products encourage PARENT INVOLVEMENT. 
5. Discovery Toys products are SAFE and HIGH QUALITY w/lifetime guarantee!  
6. Discovery Toys products are super FUN.

For this review, Cindy sent my son the Marbleworks Starter Set. There could not have been a better choice! Shaun loves tracks and watching things go, so this was right up his alley. I was initially a little concerned because Shaun does still have a tendency to mouth everything, but is pretty good about not swallowing, so I thought it would be okay anyway. (I just keep a close eye on him while he's playing with them!) I'm glad I went with that decision because he absolutely loved it!! He immediately dragged it out of the box and started building. One of the great things about this toy is that is no one particular way to build it and it's easy to put together. Children can use their imaginations to create any type of marble race they'd like! Did I say children? I should say, husbands too!! I really could not tell you who enjoyed this more. He spent one morning using his artillery skills to create a fancy race that shot the marbles or something crazy like that...it was definitely a toy both of my boys can enjoy together. And if they run out of unique ideas, Discovery Toys also offers expansion kits...plus extra marbles, a good idea to purchase if your son is like mine!! I imagine we will definitely buying some of both in the future!

Another great thing about this item is how sturdy it is once it's put together. As I said, my little man loves these types of track type toys, but they can also be really frustrating if they're not well made. If things fall apart...well, let's just say he falls apart too! I'm always really cautious about buying anything like this (or building toys, etc that may not stay together well), but we have had absolutely no troubles with the Marbleworks! We try to avoid meltdowns when we can, so having a toy he can enjoy that won't bring them on if he gets frustrated with it is a definite plus in this household. Truly, a great quality toy!!

It was hard to get a good picture of Shaun playing with it...he's too active! But he seriously loves this toy!

Some of the awesome pieces...endless possibilities! 

I'll be honest...this was one of my husband's creations!!

If you're looking for a great gift for your little one...this is definitely a great choice. They even offer a Castle Marbleworks for younger kids, that has larger marbles! Not into marbles? Check out Cindy's website for more great options for your little one. And as an added bonus, Cindy is offering readers a 15% discount on purchases!! And if you'd love to make some extra money and start selling Discovery Toys yourself, she's offering $15 off the business starter kit!! Contact her on Facebook to order!! Sounds pretty great, right?

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


  1. I'll either be getting the Castle Marbleworks or the Marbleworks Deluxe set if I win!

  2. Kayson just looked at the pictures and said "It is Shauny playing with an awesome toy." Miss you all. xoxo

  3. Marble works toys

    My other comment is: they would be for my kids...all 5 of them!

  4. Marble works.

  5. Congratulations to Beth! for winning the $25 gift certificate! I am so excited to see what you decide to purchase! Remember, everyone can win with the 15% discount or $15 off the business starter kit! Call me at 208-610-6966 to take advantage of the discounts! Thanks Randi for the great review! Love to see Shaun having so much fun!

  6. I also wanted to share my December special! It is a $50/50% deal! Spend $50 retail and select any additional item at 50% off! It is a great way to get the Marbleworks at half price! Discount is good through December!


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