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Celebrity Sightings

I know what you're thinking...another blog post today!? I saw this fun linkup on another blog I follow, and had to join the fun! It's all about celebrity sightings!! Unfortunately, I don't have pictures for most of these (at my house anyway!), so you'll have to take my word for it!!

I suppose my first celebrity meeting was Daryl Singletary. Does anyone even know who that is? He was a country singer back in the 90s...not sure if he was ever really that popular. Anyway, when I was younger I really disliked my name. Why? Because it was unusual, in my life I have only met a few other Randis (and of course, most of those were male...only ONE female!) What does this have to do with Daryl Singletary? Well, because of my this, I was drawn to Randy Travis...finally someone who shared my name! I was obsessed. So when I was in kindergarten my parents took me to my very first concert. Randy Travis and Sammy Kershaw. Daryl Singletary was the opening act, and after the concert was signing autographs. I'm sure my mom has pictures of this somewhere, but like I said...none here!

The next was a brief sighting of one of the Kinleys (a country group) during a tour of the Grand Ol' Opry. She rushed into the dressing room before we could get autographs or pictures or anything.

The next one really wasn't so much a celebrity sighting, so much as it was walking on a movie set. Have you heard of the movie Hard Rain? Well, if you have, you might know it was partly filmed in the little town of Huntingburg, IN (as was A League of Their Own!). Specifically, it was filmed on 4th Street, where my mom used to work! As a matter of fact, some of the crew members used to come into the deli and eat every day...she probably still has a crew hat somewhere, though at the time of filming it was known as, 'The Flood'. Anyway, the entire street was transformed...sandbags brought in and everything...and we got to see it all! It was a really fun experience! Personally, I never saw any of the cast, but still pretty cool!

Okay, here's the part where you might think I'm a bit of a dork! Ha! When I was in junior high, I was in love...with Aaron Carter. And Chris Trousdale (from Dreamstreet, he also fairly recently guest starred in Shake It Up on Disney Channel). And my best friend of the time, Katie was in love with Jesse McCartney (I don't really need to tell you who that is, but for those who didn't know, he started out in Dreamstreet as well). So, when they came to a town near us...we had to go! I have to say of all the concerts I've been to, this was probably the best- just because of our amazing seats! We were in I think the 12th row, on the floor! It was pretty awesome to our preteen selves! On top of all that, Dreamstreet was also doing a signing beforehand, so of course we had to go to that too. It was winter- February I think...and ridiculously cold! (Unless I'm totally crazy and remembering this wrong!) But we waited for at least an hour with girls who had traveled hours to be there. Girls were coming out crying- it was crazy! (We did not cry, for the record!) After that long wait, we got to meet all of the guys. I may update this tomorrow with pictures, but I'm too tired to drag out my scanner and try to find them now! It was a dream come true at the time! One of the things I remember most from that day was the girls in front of us breaking out a ruler and measuring Chris's hair...which was 2 inches high if I recall correctly. After the concert we also got to meet Lindsay Pagano (who sang a song on the old AOL commercials), but honestly, that was not NEARLY as exciting!

Now onto some more recent sightings (with pictures). After I moved to California, people were always asking if I'd seen any celebrities, and honestly for the first few years I never did. In fact when my sister came to visit a few years ago, I told her as much. Then we went to Hollywood. Now, we'd been to Hollywood many times and not once had we even thought we spotted someone. What we didn't know before heading out that day was that it was the weekend of the Academy Awards!!! So, not only did we get to see one celebrity- we saw three!!! First up was Sheri Shepard. I'm a huge fan of The View, so I was super excited! We waved and she gave us a huge smile and wave back. Everything was blocked off so we didn't get to meet her, but it was still really neat. Next up- Mr. Jay. One of my favorite shows in high school was America's Next Top Model so that was pretty exciting too. And finally, Ryan Seacrest! What a fun experience for my sister's first visit to California, right?

I was too distracted when she was actually smiling and waving at us to remember to snap a photo, so this was the best I could get!

Mr Jay!!

We didn't get nearly as clear of a view of Ryan Seacrest, and my camera didn't want to focus on HIM, so this was the best I could get...still very clear who it is though!

The final sighting is one I believe I've mentioned before- Paul Walker. Yes, that's right, I said Paul Walker. During Matt's last deployment, my sister in law and I made a trip to the LAX to pick up a friend of hers. We were waiting by the baggage claim for his flight, and a guy in a hoodie walked by us...I looked at my sister in law, she looked back at me...it was PAUL WALKER! He had been on the same flight! Crazy, right? As I said, he was wearing a hoodie and seemed like he was trying to be inconspicuous so we thought it best not to draw attention by asking for pictures or autographs. (Though I did try to sneak one with my phone as he was leaving and completely missed him!) The funny thing was, he noticed us notice him and kept looking in our direction as though he were waiting for us to say or do something...either that or he thought we were cute...let's go with that theory, shall we?

And those are my celebrity sightings! What about you? Feel free to share in the comments, or if your a blogger, link up your own post!!



  1. Wow that's quite the list! I've only met a few. Charles Barkley let me and my friend take a picture with him at a club in Vegas. Tony Danza walked into an elevator as my friends and I were going out. Oh and I met the women's Olympic soccer team back in middle school, that was pretty cool.

  2. Mr. Jay!! That looked like so much fun. I totally need to get that off of my bucket list when I rob a bank and go to LA for a few weeks. :)


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