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Shaun's Turning 5!! {Birthday Wish List}

My sweet, sweet Shaun will be 5 years old in just a few short weeks! Where did the time go!? Wasn't I just posting his 4th birthday wishlist...or planning his very first party!? It's crazy!! Of course, Shaun is super excited about his upcoming birthday...in fact, he's been working on his birthday list since Easter!!

If you've followed my blog long or know us personally, you know that since his second birthday, Shaun has been obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine...up until very recently, he would ONLY play with Thomas toys...and unfortunately, after collecting them for a few years, we seemed to run out of Thomas toys to get him!! Thankfully, his area of interest has grown this year. While he still loves his Thomas trains (and is playing them as I type this), we at least have more options!! But there are still a few more Thomas items he thinks he needs:

Source: toysrus.com via Randi on Pinterest

Thomas Alarm Clock- He's been asking for this for awhile!!

Source: amazon.com via Randi on Pinterest

Bachmann Thomas Trains- This has also been on his wishlist for ages...and will remain there until he's much older!! These are the fancy model trains, and if I'm going to spend $200 on a toy...he better be able to play with it...or at least appreciate that its not meant to be played with!!

His newest interest is Mario, so naturally that makes up a large part of his list:

The list above looks super long, but in reality it's 75% plush...basically, he wants all of the Mario character plush toys! NOT action figures (I know, I asked), but plush...it's one of his favorite things...he has all his Angry Birds, Thomas, Disney Character, even a Pac Man Ghost!! As far as Mario characters go, he has Mario, Blue Yoshi and Yellow Toad...I believe that's it, but I may have missed one! He would love the rest!!

Source: toywiz.com via Randi on Pinterest

(Speaking of plush, his wishlist wouldn't be complete without this Mighty Eagle plush...but since I refuse to spend $100 on a stuffed animal, let's just move right along, shall we?)

Source: walmart.com via Randi on Pinterest

Mario Kart Wii K'Nex. The set above is one he's specifically requested, but he would love the other sets as well!! And I must say I'm really glad I looked these up because we'd looked at them at Target and this particular set is at least $10 cheaper elsewhere (like Wal-Mart!!). Target does have a few sets on clearance though (at our local store anyway!)

Source: amazon.com via Randi on Pinterest

He recently found this at Target and asked for it to be put on his list. Of course, he's a little young (and has a much too short attention span) to play chess, but I did see they make a checkers/tic tac toe set that would be a bit more age appropriate at least!!

Shaun is easily swayed by commercials (hence why he keeps telling me we need to buy Beggin' Strips for Nana's dog!!), and so he has been obsessing with these Dreamlites since he first saw them advertised on Sprout. His favorite is the penguin because they live in the ice and snow!! (Penguins are his favorite animal I think...and he really loves anything else having to do with snow and/or Christmas!)

Source: amazon.com via Randi on Pinterest

Games! Games! Games!! He has recently gotten both a Wii and a DS so he has several games he would like as well (including the one pictured above!) Mommy and Daddy have already bought and hidden Epic Mickey and Pac Man Party (which also includes the original game!). Aside from those two, his games of choice tend to be...Mario of course!! He has also requested a Nintendo 64...he just doesn't believe us that they're no longer being made!!

I know there are many that I missed and that some of these were kind of general (for those friends or family actually coming here to figure out what to buy him- just send me a message for specifics!!), but I think overall he has a pretty great list...he won't get everything on it, but I know he's going to have a wonderful birthday nonetheless!!

(Psst...speaking of gifts, don't forget to enter to win the Lilla Rose giveaway!!)


  1. The Mario KNex are awesome. My son has the entire collection :D He will love them!

  2. I love the birthday wish lists from a 5 year old. SO much easier to please than a 14 year old ;) Happy Birthday to your Shaun.

  3. My son when young developed a system with the JC Penney Christmas catalog each year:) Circled everything he wanted (lots) and lots of ? over pictures too. Then to eliminate some there was a / as maybe and a x was no. Either way his list was just as long! Precious memories, enjoy them, how sweet:)


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