Friday, July 20, 2012

A Few Friday Randoms

  • First of all, I want to start by reminding everyone that you have just a few more hours left to get your entries in for the Lilla Rose giveaway!! Don't miss out!!! And remember, if you've already entered, you can share for extra entries! I will announce the winner, along with a wonderful special Linda will be offering tomorrow, so be sure to look out for that! And good luck!!
  • Second, many of you may have noticed my blog has can through a makeover!! I've been changing up backgrounds over the last week or so, and I still may change a few more things around, BUT I could not be happier with my new custom blog header from love notes by lauryn! I actually won this as part of a giveaway over at one of my favorite fashion blogs Modern Modest Beauty. (Check her out if you need some great ideas for dressing modestly, rather that be for work, religious or personal preferences!) Anyway, I'd never had a custom blog header made before and wasn't sure where to begin!! My request to Lauren was very vague and I wasn't sure what to expect...but she nailed it on the first shot!! I just LOVE it!!
  • Don't you love when you get packages? I do...I stalk the mailman/UPS man/FedEx man if I know something is coming! Today it was the Fedex man, and he brought me this lovely jewelry tree from Dayspring. I had been contemplating buying this from the moment I saw it, but being the frugal shopper (cheapskate) that I am, I was hoping it would eventually go on sale...but I couldn't wait anymore, I had to have it. I did have a $20 gift code at least, so I still got it for only $16!! Very much worth it!!!

  • Speaking of Dayspring, have you checked out the Blessings Unlimited July Extravaganza Sale yet? If not, be sure to head on over to my website (or talk to your regular consultant if you have one!) and see what we have to offer...there are some wonderful, discontinuing products on sale for 50-65% off!! Amazing deals!
  • Do you ever feel like you look the best when you aren't leaving the house? I feel this way today! I'm not sure what it is, but there is something about today's outfit that I am just loving (perhaps that it's cooler outside, and downright cold in my house, so it's more fall than summer, and well, who doesn't LOVE fall fashion!?) I will share it with you so it's not wasted:
This top was one of my finds at my amazing Plato's Closet trip.
The belt is from Shabby Apple (and my absolute favorite belt!) I must have gotten one of the very last ones because it disappeared from their website right after I got it, but it is FABULOUS!!
And the jeans...well, you can't really see these, but they are another Plato's find from a few days ago...Banana Republic Skinny Jeans that fit perfectly, and I swear are the most flattering jeans I own! They weren't part of that trip, but still a steal at just $2 (seriously! They were on clearance, I believe because something had been splashed on one leg...I washed them, and as good as new!! I look forward to fall days when this outfit becomes more frequent!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and I can't wait to see who will be the lucky winner tomorrow! Be sure to check your e-mails to see if you won (and check spam too!). 


"Pleasant words are as a honeycomb: sweet to the soul and health to the bones." Proverbs 16:24