Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spread The Word (To End The Word)

For those who know me personally, or who have read my blog long, you know that besides raising Autism Awareness, the other big cause that I feel very strongly about is stopping the use of the 'r-word'. You can read the full story on why I feel so strongly about this here.

Because this is something I feel so passionately about, I was THRILLED to see this PSA that was aired during Glee last night! (I have to admit though, I do not usually watch Glee, and I didn't watch it last night either, but I'm so excited by this, I may have to give it another shot!!) I will warn you that there is some language used in this ad that may not be appropriate for young kids, so be cautious if they are around. (I am not one to post anything with questionable language, as I don't use it myself, but there is a reason for the use of it in this and it really drives the point home I think, so it's worth sharing!)

I know many don't think anything of throwing this word around. I hear it all too often, or see it written on Facebook. Most don't even realize that it can be offensive, but for so many it is. It is not acceptable to insult one's race, something they cannot choose. It is not acceptable to insult one's sexuality or even religion. So why is it okay to use this word that insults so many people with developmental delays. Simply put, it's not. It's not okay to use the r-word as a negative term. It's not okay to make jokes about the short bus, or special ed. My child is in a special education classroom, but he is the most brilliant boy I know and his classmates are amazing as well. To think that one day they might be insulted by such ignorance breaks my heart. I hope this video will bring more awareness to the subject!!


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