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Scripture and a Snapshot- Jeremiah 29:11

This week, unfortunately, I was not feeling well and quite busy so I did not get to participate in the photo scavenger hunt as I have been- as well as a few other hops that I really enjoy! However, I decided to join up with another great link up for the first time: Scripture and a Snapshot! (This picture was originally taken for the vintage post earlier in the week, but I ended up decided to go with actual vintage items...)

Sometimes I think it would be really easy for me to say, why me? why my child? And perhaps it's only natural that we all have those moments when life doesn't go exactly as we have planned. But that is why I love this verse. It reminds us that even though things aren't easy, or ideal, they are that way for a reason. Everything that happens in life is part of God's plan for us, and in the end that's all that matters. So instead of asking God why, I try to be thankful for the positive and for all of the moments in my life that prepared me to be the best mommy I can be for my child. I rejoice in the milestones that so many take for granted, and pray for patience when I think I can't go on. I'm not saying life with an autistic child is easy, by any means, but when I think of things this way, it helps me to get through each day. Shaun has touched my life in ways that cannot be explained, and he continues to touch those around him. He may have autism, but I know that God still has amazing plans for him.


  1. This is a very popular verse this weekend - it was a major part of our sermon at church last night, too! I love that your shot is of a puzzle piece, because even though God does have wonderful plans for us, they rarely come to us as a whole, finished thing - we often are given one piece at a time.

  2. Wow. That's all I have to say. I don't know you, but you seem like one strong woman. I love the comfort found in that verse, we are His and He knows what He's doing with us. Thank you for that reminder.

  3. This is my favorite verse of all time, I'm so glad you found comfort in it!

  4. Thanks for sharing that verse. Very cute blog design too.
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  5. I'm glad you joined in Scripture and Snapshot! Thanks for sharing your reflections and picture!

  6. Hi thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. This is one of my favourite verses too. Let's keep trusting God! :)

  7. What a grace for you to be able to look at that verse and realize in your heart that God has a plan of hope for both you and your child. I understand how hard it can be raising a child with special needs as one of my young men has ADHD severely and has been on medication since he was 6 years old. But I know your daily challenges are even greater than the ones I have faced.

    May His peace continue to stand guard over your heart and your mind as you raise this special child from the Lord.


  8. Beautiful photo and scripture! It's true. It was a very special scripture to me, one of my boys was born at 28 weeks (he's now 2) and that scripture was a great comfort to me during the whole NICU and even first year. I'm glad it's comforting to you!

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  10. I love this scripture verse. And you're right, everything has been planned all along so definitely, He's got plans for your child.

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  11. Beautiful post. My friend has 2 children with multiple mental and physical disabilities, on the other hand I have 11 children that could be classed as 'normal'? We get together and compare notes sometimes. She has convinced me that her way of life is really easier...her kids will never be teenagers and I've struggled to raise 11 teenagers and the drama never quits. When I tell her what's going on with my kids she just sits back and laughs! lol

    New follower, hope you can stop by for a visit!
    Thanks, Becky Jane

  12. This verse has always brought me much encouragement. I love the picture that you chose to go with it.

    Blessings to you and your family. Your little guy is beautiful :)


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