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Review: Deeper Into The Word by Keri Wyatt Kent

From The Publisher:
Words matter. God cares about them and so should we. Going a little deeper into the Bible's words can make an old passage new again, enriching your understanding of God's message to his children. Why was this word chosen rather than that one? What does it imply in its original language that you can't see in English? And without knowing Greek, how can you learn to explore the details of God's Word for yourself? Keri Wyatt Kent provides a fresh encounter with the most important words of the New Testament. Deeper Into the Word can be used as a daily devotional or as an easy-to-use reference tool. Either way, you'll find yourself excited by the wonders of God's amazing Word.

My Thoughts:
For my latest review, I had the opportunity to read ‘Deeper into the Word: New Testament’ by Keri Wyatt Kent. In the books introduction, the author states there are three ways to use this book- as a reference, a study guide or devotionally. I saw it as more of a reference and for that reason, I did not read every single chapter for this review but several that were of relevance to me at this time. Words included were: afraid, believe, compassion, forgive, love, pray, etc. I am always looking for verses to fit certain moods or topics on my mind, so I thought this book would be a perfect fit. I had expected it to be just that- related verses, and while I was a bit off in my expectation, what I got was better than I’d hoped! There are 100 words chosen from the New Testament and while it does give some specific verses, it also looks deeper into the meanings of those verses by giving the meanings of the words in the original language and the culture at the time. This allows us to understand a little bit better what these passages mean. With so many different translations and passages being taken out of context, the bible can be very hard to understand. Everything was explained very well in this book. As someone who is admittedly not the most knowledgeable on the Bible, I was concerned it would go over my head, but it was written in away that is easy enough for someone like myself to understand, but also in depth enough that even those more knowledgeable can find it informative. If you are looking for a way to better understand exactly what it is you’re reading, this is the book for you. A great reference for all!

To read an excerpt and purchase this book, click here!

A copy of this book was provided to me free by Bethany House Publishing in exchange for my honest review.


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