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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Do Everything In Love {+ Inspirational Wedding Gifts from Dayspring} #Dayspring #LiveYourFaith

**Product received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Tomorrow is June 1.

For some of those that marks the beginning of summer vacation. For some it tells us its officially time to pack the winter clothes back up. And for many others, it brings about a completely different season--- WEDDING SEASON!

It may seem  a little cliche, but who doesn't love a June wedding!? Already I see the weddings starting to fill my newsfeed, and I know as we venture into June that will continue to pop up. And I LOVE it! There's something so magical about a wedding- no matter when. The dresses, the flowers, the glitz and glamour of it all. But nothing in the world can top the best part of a wedding- the LOVE!

Seeing these newlywed couples, so deep in love...well, now, that's the true magic of it, isn't it? I never had the big wedding. We were married quickly at my church wearing jeans during my soon-to-be husband's military leave. Still, I wouldn't change it. It wasn't about the wedding or how big or fancy it was--- it was about the life we were starting together. It was about committing to one another before our family and our God... just as it should be!

While shopping for wedding gifts this wedding season, why not keep that in mind? Skip the toaster or the towels they are going to get so many of. Try a gift that will remind them of their love for one another, and the foundation of their marriage found in Christ.

One great option is this lovely wall sign from Dayspring.

Do everything in love. - 1 Corinthians 16:14

That's a great foundation to build a new marriage on isn't it? For newlyweds, it's easy enough... but as time wears on and you realize your husband might never stop putting his dirty socks on the floor or leaving the toilet seat up... well, it just might become your mantra. When you're working through your honey-do list- do it in love. When you are supporting your spouse in their career, do it in love. When you are talking about your spouse to your friends or via social media, do it in love. When you are having a disagreement, yes, even do THAT in love. Marriage can have its rough moments, so what greater gift can you give that one that reminds a newly married couple these simple 4 words.

Looking for more inspirational wedding gift ideas? Head on over to Dayspring to find this and more! Take a look at some of these great options:

And don't forget, today is the LAST day to take advantage of the Memorial Day sale and save $20 on your $60 purchase plus get FREE Shipping. Details below:

Are you or someone in your life getting married this summer? Which of these great gifts from Dayspring would they love?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Don't Be a Broke College Student: College Couponing 101

College should be one of the hardest, but most exciting times in your life. But between the textbooks, food, and tuition alone, it can also be the most expensive. The good news? Student discounts are everywhere, if you know where to look. We asked some scholarly savers their couponing tips for college students looking to save a little money in our Couponing in College Scholarship Contest. From downloading apps to subscribing to your local newspaper (that's right, the paper), we received some amazing, money saving tips - some that can even earn you rewards just for being in class.
We’d like to congratulate our scholarship winner, Gabriel Rios from the University of Central Florida! His essay "Couponing in College + Money Saving Pro Tips" offers 11 tips for anyone in college looking to save money - everything from signing up for email blasts to using an app that rewards you for actually studying (for once). Gabriel will receive our $2,000 scholarship award and will be listed on Dealspotr’s Scholarship page in our winner’s circle. Congratulations Gabriel! See past winners and keep up to date on our latest scholarship here.

So how can you save money in college? 

We had so many amazing submission from college students around the nation, and we’ve compiled their most helpful and unique couponing tips here.

Use the Pocket Points app to earn rewards just for being in class

By Jove, if you haven’t heard of Pocket Points, download the app immediately! The concept is very simple: don’t use your phone whilst in class! By not using your phone (and having the app open), you’ll be gaining points that you can use for coupons on any affiliated store in your area. Personally, I’ve used Pocket Points on digital coupons for free ice cream, discounts on clothes, longboards, and a pretty awesome “buy one get one free” deal for headphones. If you happen to have a cheap throwaway phone, even better!
Read more tips by Gabriel Rios from the University of Central Florida in Couponing in College + Money Saving Pro Tips.

Always look for student discounts

Pretty much everywhere offers a student discount. Where Spotify and Amazon offer discounts on their premium memberships, places like American Airlines offer special trips for participating schools. If you have a favorite subscription - whether it’s to the New Yorker or the local gym - find out if they have a student discount! Your status as a student is a card that screams “I’m broke!” to the world, and more often than not, your favorite companies have an answer to your call.
Read more tips by Lily Taylor from Stanford University in Pinching Pennies in College: Don’t Discount This!

Use a budgeting app to track your spending

It’s easy to have the mission to save, but how can you save if you don’t know where the money is going? If you want to start your life as a frugal college student you have to understand what you’re spending on and from there cut out non-necessities. That's where my trusty friend, Mint the app comes in! Mint connects itself to your bank account, allowing you to see your spending automatically. You can also create specific budgets for things like going out with friends, food, clothing and whatever else you want. Mint also has a pretty cool feature that allows you to never charge more than you can pay on credit card if it’s your first one. 
Read more tips by Thomas Heslop from Howard University in From Lincoln to Benjamin: A College Guide On Being Frugal.

Go old-fashioned & check the newspaper

The first item I purchased when I moved off-campus was a subscription to the local paper (through a discount received on Groupon). Not only does the paper provide me with the local store ads and sales, but also the ads for the big box stores... Your student paper can also be a valuable resource. Local businesses commonly advertise and offer special deals to students. There are often fast-food flyers quickly stuffed inside for the student always on the go. Place the fast food coupons in your vehicle glove box; it makes for a quick, easy, and cheap snack while out on errands or a bite to eat after a movie with friends. Your friends may think you are crazy at first, but when you start to save them money on a meal they will quickly thank you.
Read more tips by Erling Anderson from Eastern Washington University in Your Mission: College Coupon Savings.

Make sure your coupons are organized

After you have all of your coupons, you need to sort them. Make sure to keep them organized, because losing a coupon is pretty much just like throwing money away. You can organize your coupons by using envelopes and paper clips. If you want to be a little more advanced you can use a coupon binder. This way, you can carry your binder to the store and it is easier to sort through all of them.
Read more tips by Hannah Heinz from the North Dakota State College of Science in her article here.

"Deal share" in person - split BOGO deals with a friend

Deal sharing is something that a lot of people overlook. Have you ever had a time where there is a really good BOGO sale but you only want one? This is where deal sharing comes in handy. If you only want one you and a friend can split the price of the BOGO. For example if jeans are buy one get one half off and the jeans cost $40 you can each pay $30 for one pair of jeans rather than buying two pairs for $60. This way you don’t get tricked into buying unnecessary things. This also works for food deals. Another way to save with a friend is to send each other invite codes for apps and loyalty programs because usually they will reward you for signing up and your friend for inviting you.
Read more tips by Lindsey Randleiu from Indiana University in Couponing in College.

Instead of going out to eat, track student activities that offer free food

It is not always easy to keep track of how much is spent, especially when hanging out with friends and going out to eat. An alternative to this is to attend student activities that offer food. Many school activities are free, so you and your friends can save some money by attending. However, if you are going out, there are plenty of places to eat or hang out that have student discounts, so plan ahead of time.
Read more tips by Erika Wang from the University of the Pacific in Couponing in College: Tips to Save Money as a Student.

If you do go out to eat, use a coupon or a punch card

I also almost never go out to eat without a coupon. My favorite restaurants that have great coupon deals are Chick-fil-A, Flame Broiler, frozen yogurt shops, or Souplantation. Restaurants like these often have stamp cards or other rewards programs to encourage people to come back more often. Every time you buy something you get a stamp and after a certain number of stamps, you get a free item. I have an entire section in my wallet dedicated to stamp cards.
Read more tips byAnnabella Cusimano from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Save Money. Live Better. College.

Check if your school offers free software for students

A lot of students use specialty computer programs in their curriculum, and these aren't always cheap. Your school may offer a discount or free software that you need for class, from Final Draft to Photoshop.
Many schools offer programs such as Microsoft Office 365 for free as students of the university. Be sure to check what your school offers you to help you as a students. Get educated and use your resources!
Read more tips byRana Shepherd from Hampton University in Couponing For College Survival.

Use cash back apps like Ibotta

Ibotta is better than coupons. After downloading the app, you can unlock cash rewards on products and services by completing simple tasks like watching a short advertisement. Then, after buying your products at the specified location, Ibotta puts those cash rewards right into your bank account! Similar to couponing, Ibotta gives you discounts on products and services. The difference is, those discounts come back to you in cash, a much more rewarding format for college students! To top it off, Ibotta gives you cash back at over 500,000 locations such as movie theaters, grocery stores and gas stations!
Read more tips by Bryce Vehrs from Northwest University in Money-Saving Strategies: Coupons for College Students

Use grocery store-specific apps

If there are two words that will bring college students running its “free food." Grocery store apps therefore should be an essential part of every college students’ phone. Grocery stores typically have their weekly and/or monthly coupons, which are available to all shoppers, on the app. Frequently they also have specific or special coupons available to those who are part of the loyalty program. You simply add these coupons to your loyalty card on the app, so when you swipe your loyalty card at the register your discounts are applied. Then you get the joy of watching the amount of money you’re spending on food (one of the biggest monthly expenses) drop. 
Read more tips by Emily Adams from Clemson University in Couponing in College.

Stick to buying only the essentials

What are wants and what are needs? Don’t get these things confused! Stay organized and know what you need to save money. You need food to survive, but you want that Nintendo Switch and those games that cost $60 apiece (speaking from actual experience, oops). Needless to say, there’s nothing wrong with having goals and saving money up to reach them. Make a list and stick to it. Think a grocery list that will extend to clothing, textbooks, food, etc. To follow, you can organize what sales are available or plan out when to spend your hard earned money.
Read more tips by Violet Pope from Loyola University Chicago in Don’t Fear Saving Your Own Money.

Read more great essays on saving money in college written by students around the country.

Jennifer Benson from the University of the Pacific:   https://jennbenm.tumblr.com
Rachael Collier from Colorado State University - Pueblo:
Tyra Smith from Drexel University:   http://naturallyfrugaldoc.com/couponing-beginners-15-minutes-week/
Aurora Hendrix from Oregon State University: http://hazardoushendrix.tumblr.com/post/159743555422/dealspotr-contest
Enedina Alcantar from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley:
Casey Dupree from Central Georgia Technical College:
Keep up to date on the next scholarship contest here: https://dealspotr.com/scholarship-giveaway.

Emily Helwig posted this article on the Dealspotr blog.
This post originally appeared on the Dealspotr blog. Dealspotr is the most accurate coupon site that pays you to save. I'm @RandiKaye on Dealspotr, use my link to join today and earn 5,000 bonus points.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Honor Those Who Serve with Valor Block {A #ValorBlock Review}

** Valor Block received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

If there is one thing my 10+ years as a military spouse has taught me, it's that the military is a proud group. I mean, most people don't have their careers tattooed on their body, right? When was the last time you saw someone with a tat stating 'MD'? There is a sense of brotherhood and accomplishment that can go along with those titles. And it's not exclusive to service members either. It extends to the wives, the girlfriends and the mothers too. In fact, there is probably an even bigger sense pride for us. Yes, the military is kind of like its own fandom isn't it?

So, it only makes sense that they would have their very own block from those who brought us Nerd Blocks, right?

Introducing Valor Block!!

Valor Blocks subscription boxes are custom-curated, unique collections of themed apparel, books, magazines, electronic accessories, housewares, personal care supplies and much more. Each month, members receive a mystery box of entertaining and useful merchandise celebrating their selected service.

"To us, 'valor' represents the incredible strength and courage of the world's protective forces," says Russ Montague, founder and CEO, Valor Blocks. "We're honored to be able to showcase products that shine a well-deserved light on the sacrifices that members of Protective Services make every day."

Valor Blocks is committed to sourcing products of the highest quality from only licensed vendors, with a preference for exclusive products where possible. Further, all blocks are built in America by Americans, and ship from the U.S.A. Valor Blocks is a fully licensed program, and a portion of all sales will be remitted back to the respective licensor to support Protective Service personnel and their families.

Sounds pretty amazing, right!?

I was recently given the chance to receive a Valor Block for myself. Let's take a look inside:

All of these pieces are licensed Army merchandise than any soldier is sure to love. They're high quality, they're unique and they show off pride in their branch... which anyone with military affiliation can assure you is a big deal!

But what about those other branches? The Army Block was the first block, but I am excited to announce that they have now introduced three more block: Army, Navy and Air Force! Now each branch can show off their pride! These blocks are not just great for service members, but for their friends and family too! Have you ever talked to a Marine mom? Whew, let me tell you... you think a Marine is moto, you should meet his MOM! What a great gift would this make for a parent whose child is deployed!

Even better, when you purchase a Valor Block, a portion of sales is donated to Hire Heroes USA. Hire Heroes USA helps veterans and their families succeed in the civilian workforce. Visit HireHeroesUSA.org to learn more.

Ready to see more or get started with Valor Blocks? Check out the links below:

Official Twitter:​ @ValorBlocks / twitter.com/valorblocks
Official Facebook:​ @ValorBlocks / facebook.com/ValorBlocks
Official Instagram:​ @ValorBlocks / instagram.com/valorblocks
Official Website:​ www.ValorBlocks.com

Friday, May 26, 2017

South Carolina Giraffe Mom Finally Meets Her Inspiration, April the Giraffe in Person

april Giraffe.JPG

Even though there are almost 4.5 billion web pages on the Internet, last month the entire world seemed to be fixated on one in particular -- the live stream of a pregnant giraffe.

You know the one we're talking about, moms -- the video of a pregnant giraffe prancing around her pen was likely all over your Facebook feed for months. The giraffe in question's name is April, and her baby, a gangly little boy, was born on April 15 amidst a chorus of squeals from adoring fans around the world.

April's pregnancy saga has been ongoing since mid-February, when her keepers at the Harpursville, New York Animal Adventure Park announced she was getting ready to deliver at any time. To delight giraffe lovers everywhere, April's keepers set up a live Facebook feed in hopes she would give birth sooner rather than later.

Well, it turned out that April wasn't quite ready for her little boy to show up. As each day went by, April became more and more of a viral sensation as worldwide viewers were tuning in to watch in anticipation. And considering that an estimated 23% of Facebook users check their account at least five times daily, this video reached a ton of people.

As a way to gently mock April's viral fame, South Carolina mother-to-be Erin Dietrich decided to have a little fun. Nine months pregnant at the time, she donned a realistic giraffe mask and started her own Facebook video while she waited to go into labor.

Well, the Internet loved that, too. Dietrich was quickly dubbed "Giraffe Mom" and went viral in her own right. To this day people recognize her on the streets, and she is slowly getting used to her 15 minutes of Internet fame.

“It’s just been surreal,” Dietrich explained to WSOCTV. “I still don’t know, like -- how did this all happen? Because I was, like, 100 weeks pregnant dancing around in a $16 Amazon giraffe mask?”

To make things even better, the television show Inside Edition arranged to get the two giraffe moms to meet once their children were old enough for visitors. Erin and her one-month-old son Porter were flown to meet her fuzzy giraffe compatriot, and the resulting encounter was too cute for words.

Porter was dressed up as a giraffe himself to meet his giraffe cousin, who was named Tajiri after a nationwide naming contest. Oh, and that $16 Amazon mask made an appearance as well.

Dietrich feels that she has now met a friend for life, even if April can't talk back to her. They do have adorable giraffe sons though, to bond them for life.

“We’re buddies. We’re companions," Dietrich told Inside Edition. "She just doesn’t know it.”

Or does she?

Thursday, May 25, 2017

DIY Popsicle Stick America Flag {A #MemorialDay Kids Craft}

As a military family, it can be safe to assume we're pretty patriotic! We love showing our pride for our military and our country throughout the year, but especially on those days set aside to honor them, like Memorial Day. For many, this may be just a day for barbecues, parties and to break out some red, white and blue, but we really want to be sure to teach our kids to truly appreciate this day and everything it stands for...most importantly, to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

Today, I am revisiting and resharing a simple craft that is perfect for kids to show their pride in their country and their military- a super easy, popsicle stick flag!

  • Popsicle Sticks-Various Sizes. 
  • Wood Stars
  • Paint
  • Glue
  1. First up, paint your popsicle sticks and stars. The longer, regular size sticks will be red and white. Use some shorter to create your blue. (If you'd prefer, you can use one size, just keep this in mind as you paint... I find the addition of the shorter sticks to be easier!) Paint your stars white. Allow all to dry.
  2. Next, it's time to put the flag together! Use two shorter sticks to create a base to glue your stripes onto, alternating red and white. 
  3. Take your shorter blue pieces and glue to the top left corner (alternately, if you have small wooden rectangle pieces, you could use these instead!)
  4. Finish up by gluing on your stars- I've found you can add about 1-3 of these craft stars, but if you'd prefer a more genuine flag look, consider painting them on, or use stickers!
  5. Add another stick to the back for easy waving. (Or ribbon for hanging, magnets... get creative!)

Not only is this a perfect craft for Memorial Day, it's also ideal for the 4th of July, Veteran's Day or every military family member's favorite day- homecoming!!

How do you teach your children about Memorial Day and the sacrifices of the military? 

Take Care Of YOU with NOW® Women’s Probiotic 20 Billion {A Review + Giveaway} #MomsMeet

I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com), May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

Hey mom! Look at you, taking care of business! Lunches are made. Parties are planned. Meals are prepared. Kids are bathed. Kids have been given their vitamins. Husband has been encouraged.

But what about you?

How many times have you skipped a meal because you were too busy doing for others? How many times have you just fought through sicknesses rather than taken the time to rest or visit a doctor because your children needed you? How many times have you put the needs of everyone else in the family before your own needs?

If you're like me, you can answer those questions with A LOT. Actually, scratch that... ALL the time. And let's be honest.... it can be exhausting. Physically and mentally draining. All that constantly taking care of others can leave US feeling worn down, making it hard for us to take care of the rest of the family too.

That's why we need a good probiotic routine to help keep us at our very best. Today, I'm sharing with a probiotic made JUST for women: NOW® Women’s Probiotic 20 Billion.

NOW Women's Probiotic 20 Billion was formulated with three clinically tested probiotic strains to support women's health throughout each stage of their lives. L. rhamnosus HN001 and L. acidophilus La-14 have been shown to colonixe the vaginal tract and help to maintain healthy pH when taken orally. That's probably not a topic we like to talk about- or truthfully not one we even think about too often--- until there's a problem, so why not help take care of it before any problems arise!? B. lactis HN019 and HN001 may provide some support to the healthy immune system function of pregnant or nursing women. HN019 also helps to support GI irregularity and can help to reduce the occasional gas and bloating. All of these also help suport heathy, balanced immune system function in all women, regardless of age or where they are in life.

That all sounds great, but are there other specially design probiotics for women? Why not another brand? Why NOW?

NOW is one of very few supplement companies that is using technology to genetically verify their probiotics. They are using DNAfingerprinting technology to guarantee the identity, potency, and purity
of the bacterial strains used in their probiotic products, as well as help identify potential bacterial contaminants prior to production. In addition, NOW Women’s Probiotic 20 Billion is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free- making it a great choice for everyone!

Women’s Probiotic 20 Billion is available to purchase at natural healthfood stores nationwide, and at amazon.com, iherb.com, and now-2-u.com. To find Women’s Probiotic 20 Billion in your area, visit: nowfoods.com/storelocator for the full list of locations. It has a suggested retail price of $33.99.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These
products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Connect with Now Foods online!

Ready to try for yourself? One lucky reader is going to win 
one bottle of NOW® Women’s
Probiotic 20 Billion. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be contacted via e-mail after giveaway ends, and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. One entry per household, winning entry will be verified. Odds of winning depend on valid entries received. A Modern Day Fairy Tale is not responsible for prize delivery.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Max 2 White House Hero {A DVD Giveaway}

**“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blu-ray I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.”**

Summer vacation is almost here and we are already making our lists of everything we want to get done this summer. Much of that is playing outside of course... but what about those rainy days? What do we do on those days to keep from bouncing off the walls? Or hearing the inevitable, 'Mom, I'm BORED!'

For us, on those rainy days...nothing can cure boredom like a movie day. Pop some popcorn, get some theater candy and make a day of it! Of course, we cannot do that without a great movie. Today, I'm excited to share a great option for that movie night!

Man's Best Friend Is The Country's Biggest Hero
MAX 2: White House Hero
The All-New Original Movie Is Available on DVD, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack On May 23, 2017 & Digital HD Now.
Duty calls again, and our hero dog Max returns to action in "Max 2: White House Hero." His new assignment brings him to Washington, D.C. to serve on the U.S. president's Secret Service detail. When a foreign leader arrives with his precocious daughter Alex (Francesca Capaldi), tensions arise between both countries. First Son TJ (Zane Austin), along with Max and Alex, uncover a dangerous plot that puts both kids and both nations in jeopardy. A highly-sensitive mission will push Max’s specialized skills, intelligence and loyalty to the test.

Sounds great, right? I know my kids and I are certainly looking forward to it! You can learn more at the links below:

Visit the Max 2: White House Hero Website:
Follow Max on Facebook:

You can also bring the movie to life with these fun activities:

And one lucky reader is going to win a copy for themselves. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be contacted via e-mail after giveaway ends, and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. One entry per household, winning entry will be verified. Odds of winning depend on valid entries received. A Modern Day Fairy Tale is not responsible for prize delivery.

Save on Gifts and More with Dayspring's Memorial Day Sale #Dayspring #LiveYourFaith

**Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

It's almost Memorial Day Weekend...which for us bargain shoppers means, we know there are going to be a LOT of great sales! And while that's certainly not what the day is about, we still cannot help but love those deals, am I right? But why wait for the weekend!? Dayspring has started their Memorial Day Sale already!

From now through May 31, you can save $20 on your purchase of $60 or more, plus get free shipping!

Let's break that down! Thinking of ordering the new Illustrated Faith Devotional Kit...or maybe a couple older ones? They are regularly $30, plus $8 shipping-$38 total. But with this deal, you can buy 2 kits, or one kit and some additional supplies for $40 shipped! (Plus all applicable taxes!)

Or stock up on gifts to fill your gift closets. June brings about wedding season, and Dayspring offers many great gift ideas. Or think ahead to birthdays or Christmas. So many amazing options, and with this deal there is no better time to buy!

Head on over and shop Dayspring while it lasts!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How to Hack Savings at Rite Aid, Using Plenti Points and Coupons [Infographic] @Dealspotr

Rite Aid is one of the big three drug stores in the US. Along with CVS and Walgreens, it's a place for shoppers to purchase health, beauty, and everyday items at usually low prices. And like its competitors, Rite Aid offers a rewards program for shoppers along with frequent coupons and deals.
While Rite Aid was recently purchased by Walgreens, the two have yet to merge their couponing and rewards policies. Rite Aid's main perks can be found in its wellness+ with Plenti points rewards program, and in its coupons and online deals. There's a way to maximize your savings here, but it sometimes takes a deeper look into the couponing policies and rewards that Rite Aid offers to understand how.
So we, along with our Dealspotr community & some pro coupon bloggers, came up with our best Rite Aid savings hacks that can save you money each time you shop.

Sign up for the wellness+ with Plenti rewards program

In lieu of a traditional rewards card, Rite Aid offers their wellness+ with Plenti card that lets members earn two types of points. First, you'll earn wellness+ points while shopping, which can redeem for discounts up to 20% off storewide. Wellness+ with Plenti cardholders will also earn Plenti points through this program.
Plenti is partnered with many retailers - including Macy's, AT&T, and Mobil - and you can earn Plenti points by shopping at any of these participating stores.  You can then use these points at Rite Aid to receive savings when you checkout.
This Rite Aid savings hack was submitted by One Frugal Girl.

Chat live with a pharmacist, 24/7

A benefit of your wellness+ with Plenti membership is 24/7 access to a pharmacist, via either online chat or by phone. These pharmacists are available around the clock to help you out with any medication-related questions, including side effects and drug interactions. There are also diabetes specialists available Monday - Friday. Non-wellness+ members can submit questions to a pharmacist online as well, but can't chat live with a pharmacist like members can.

Load coupons straight to your Plenti card - no printing needed

Another perk of the wellness+ with Plenti program is the Load2Card feature. Instead of clipping coupons, you can load them from the Rite Aid site directly onto your Plenti card and have all your coupons in one place. When you swipe your card at checkout, the coupons will be automatically applied to your order.
Pro Tip: On the Rite Aid website, you can filter items by which ones have a Load2Card coupon available.
This Jet savings hack was submitted by Ashley Drewes of Closet of Free Samples

Shop online for bonus savings 

Before heading into the store, the Rite Aid website should be your first stop. With an exclusive Online Deals section, some products you buy in-store (like cosmetics and household cleaners) might be cheaper to purchase online instead. As a major help to shoppers, each product in the Online Deals section lists out any type of savings that are available on that particular item - from daily deals, to wellness+ points, to Load2Card offers.
So if you're normally an in-store shopper, be sure to check the site first to plan your savings, and see if what you're purchasing might be cheaper online. And be sure to check Dealspotr's Rite Aid page for the latest coupons and promo codes.

Join the wellness+ program that fits you

Yet another perk of this rewards program are the niche benefits for certain communities  - seniors, people with allergies, and people with diabetes. The wellness65+ program offers seniors a 20% discount on monthly wellness+ Wednesdays, and a free consultation with a pharmacist.

Allergy sufferers can earn bonus Plenti points with qualifying allergy relief purchases, and diabetics have access to online specialists and monthly educational e-newsletters.
This Rite Aid savings hack was submitted by Ellen LaFleche-Christian of Confessions of an Over-worked Mom.

Stack your coupons on every purchase

Rite Aid is one of the major retailers that allows coupon stacking. So, aside from the Load2Save offers you've already loaded to your wellness+ with Plenti card, look out for these, too:

Manufacturer Coupons

  • These are found in newspapers, magazines, and sometimes on "peelies" that are attached to the product itself.  The UPCs on these coupons usually begin with a “5.”


  • These are coupons that generally appear in the weekly Rite Aid circular, or are sent in emails to customers.  Their UPCs start with "49," and they are normally labeled "manufacturer coupon" so they're not confused with "valuable coupons."


  • These store coupons have a UPC that starts with "48," and are labeled as "Valuable."
Pro Tip: Rite Aid does not offer overage if your coupon is worth more than your purchase.

Utilize rebate apps for major cash back

While stacking coupons and using your rewards card will get you so far, there is also the option to get cash back on your Rite Aid purchases. Using rebate apps like Ebates and Ibotta, you can get cash back on the things you buy most. A search for Rite Aid on either site returns multiple results, and sometimes they will offer additional savings for new signups.

Wait for a promotion to buy gift cards

While you're not able to use Rite Aid coupons on gift card purchases, you should always wait to purchase a gift card until there's a Plenti points promotion. Rite Aid offers gift cards to many popular retailers, and at times there are Plenti points gift card promotions that give you cash back for a certain amount spent. For example, there might be a promotion where you get $5 back on a $20 Apple gift card purchase - a.k.a. you'd get $5 to Apple free.

Get a rain check to guarantee sale prices

You're allowed to ask for a rain check at Rite Aid when a product that's on sale sells out. For example, if Crest toothpaste is on sale, but out of stock, you're guaranteed to get that sale price when it comes back in stock - but only if you get a rain check. Some stores may even take into account the Plenti points you'd be receiving for purchasing the item without a rain check. 

Shop the beauty section guilt-free 

Drug store beauty hauls are becoming all the rage with beauty bloggers and regular shoppers alike. At Rite Aid, you don't have to be worried about buying the wrong shade of foundation or the wrong color mascara. Their Money Back Beauty Guarantee allows you to return any makeup product, used or unused, for a full refund with a valid receipt.


You can read more Rite Aid couponing hacks on this forum thread. We'd like to congratulate Erin Huffstetler on winning the $25 gift card for sharing the most helpful and original Rite Aid savings hack!
Emily Helwig posted this article on the Dealspotr blog.
This post originally appeared on the Dealspotr blog. Dealspotr is the most accurate coupon site that pays you to save. I'm @RandiKaye on Dealspotr, use my link to join today and earn 5,000 bonus points.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Traveling With Kids? This App May Make Trip Planning Easier

You're wandering around an unknown place, phone in hand, frantically searching for a kid-friendly restaurant, museum, or park to entertain your little ones for the day. It might be raining, your children might be tired and hungry, and you are certainly worried. We've all been there. Sometimes, the ideal family trip does not turn out to be as smooth as it could be.
One startup is trying to change that with a new parenting app.
Meet Yuggler, the activity planning app created by brothers Thomas and Stefan Bodenski. The Los Angeles Times reports that the app curates a set of kid-friendly activities on an interactive map, allowing users to customize their experience by time frame, type of activity, weather, cost, and other variables. Recommendations include nature, shows, playgrounds, hotels, and food, to name a few.
The app addresses the unique set of challenges that parents face while traveling with young children. Travel is a stressful experience to begin with, and it's no surprise that business people flying commercial report a 40% drop in productivity, for example. For busy parents, however, that might sound like a cake walk. Especially with little kids in tow, family travel can be tricky.
According to the app's original press release, the founders created the app based on their personal experiences struggling to keep their kids at the center of their family plans.
"Nineteen months ago, I asked my brother Stefan for help," Thomas said in the release. "It was so difficult and time consuming for me to find fresh ideas for kids activities that I can do with my son... Within the blink of an eye, my whole family and a team of developers around the world were involved in building Yuggler, the community for family fun."
Users can cultivate this community by connecting with friends and chatting through the messaging feature, according to the company's website. Parents can also set up customized notifications for events happening in their own community or the area in which they are traveling.
"I was able to find gardens and parks, bowling alleys, gymnastics classes and animal attractions near our home that I hadn’t heard of," Jen Leo writes in the Los Angeles Times, having tested the app. "Then I searched for attractions in London for our vacation and had more fun options than we had days to enjoy them."
Yuggler's website boasts the ability to curate results based on family interests. Many parents choose to avoid urban environments and take their children camping, as the great outdoors offers seemingly unlimited entertainment for kids. In fact, about 85% of campers took their first trip between birth and age 15. But if your family is more inclined to explore a city, Yuggler will find the right spots for you.
"Stefan and I are on a mission to maximize family fun," Thomas said in the press release. "We made it our mission to simplify the busy and hectic lives of parents, and enable them to spend quality time with their kids."
Leo does warn of a few drawbacks. In her Los Angeles Times review, she points out that the app's features, such as in-app purchase options, are not the same for every phone. She also warns that the navigation is not always intuitive, as a new search sometimes took her back to a map from a previous search.
The Yuggler app is currently only available in the Apple store and requires iOS 7 or later. You can use the app with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Why I Love My Red Nose: Join Us in Celebrating #RedNoseDay to End Child Poverty

You may see me- or my kiddos- wearing a red nose in the next few days. I’m wearing it proudly to support a cause called Red Nose Day which is on Thursday, May 25. Red Nose Day is about ending child poverty here in the U.S. and around the world, “one nose at a time.”

My family and I have had our fair share of hard times, but I know that compared to many we have been exceptionally blessed. We have food on the table and a roof over our heads, and that's more than some. A day doesn’t go by when I’m not thankful for all we have, but we also pray and do our best for those in need, especially children.

Did you know that-

* 1 out of 5 children in the U.S. live in poverty.

* Every Year, More Than 2 Million Kids in America Will Face a Period of Homelessness.
* 57% of homeless kids spend at least one day every month without food.

These are heartbreaking numbers! Homeless children and youth in our streets are also in constant danger of human traffickers – something I know so many of our churches and organizations fight against.

Hopefully, you too can join me for Red Nose Day! There are so many easy ways you too can be a part of this including:

* Wear your own Red Nose and post on your social channels to raise awareness. Red Noses are available at all Walgreens locations. Don’t forget to hashtag #rednoseday
* Watch A Special Night of TV: On May 25, NBC will be celebrating Red Nose Day with a three-hour primetime program block that will both entertain viewers and give them an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of kids in need.
* Visit the Red Nose Day website: https://rednoseday.org/ for additional fun ideas and info.
Some of the charities that will benefit include: Save The Children, Feeding American, Boys and Girls Club and these two Christian-based charities - Covenant House and charity: water. All of these organizations work tireless to make a difference here at home in the U.S. and around the world.

Whenever, I pray with gratitude, I also think of this passage below:

Acts 20:35: “In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

I believe that we can all raise awareness, support Red Nose Day, and end child poverty – one nose at a time. Will you join us?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Therapy Dogs Help Children With Autism Cope With Dentist Visits

Therapy dogs have been used for many years, but we're still discovering new ways these dogs can help their human companions. Case in point: Zucca the black lab, a very good dog who is helping young children with disabilities get over their fear of the dentist.

Diego Rosales, now nine years old, was petrified of the dentist when he was four. So petrified, in fact, that he would consistently bite the fingers of his dentist. But after being calmed by Zucca, a therapy dog that works with children with autism, he was able to confront and conquer his fear.

Even though virtually all adults (99.7%) believe a healthy smile is socially important, according to a survey from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists, many children and adults suffer from intense dentist dread. For a variety of reasons, the average U.S. adult goes three years in between dentist appointments, far longer than the recommended six months. While financial limits stop many people from making appointments, dental care can also be especially difficult for children with disabilities. Fortunately, the recent use of therapy dogs in dentist's offices is opening new doors for children with autism.

Dental and doctor appointments are frightening for many children, but they can be particularly scary and overstimulating to children with autism. The bright lights, loud noises, and unfamiliar sensations at the dentist can be so overwhelming that some children even have to be sedated. On top of that, missed doctor's appointments cost the U.S. healthcare system an estimated $150 billion every year, which begs the question: would children benefit from the use of therapy dogs in other healthcare settings?

Tooth decay may be 20 times more common than diabetes and five times more common than childhood asthma, but all children deserve equal access to healthcare. That's why dogs like Zucca can be vitally important for children with disabilities to receive necessary healthcare services. Emergency rooms, which see up to 110 million visits each year, are just one of the other healthcare settings where therapy dogs are occasionally brought to soothe patients.

In a 2012 study published in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, researchers surveyed both patients and hospital staff after bringing a therapy dog (TD) into the ER. The results were overwhelmingly positive.

"Ninety-three percent of patients and 95% of staff agreed that TDs should visit EDs; 87.8% of patients and 92% of staff approved of TDs for both adult and pediatric patients. Fewer than 5% of either patients or staff were afraid of the TDs. Fewer than 10% of patients and staff thought the TDs posed a sanitary risk or interfered with staff work."

Raul Varela, a therapy dog trainer from Chile, started his own practice upon witnessing his son with autism's drastic improvement in behavior after playing with the family's black lab. He subsequently quit his job and got his certification from Bocalan Institute of Human and Animal Behavior in Chile to train therapy dogs to help children with autism. He then began his very own non-profit organization called Junto a Ti ("Next to You").

“Zucca had already been trained to be around children with autism, but taking her to the dentist was different,” Varela told the Associated Press. “She needed to be able to resist the screaming, the noise from the drill and to stay still in the lap of the children, even when they pull their hair or their ears.”
Ultimately, Diego is just one of the countless children with disabilities who has benefited from the use of a therapy dog like Zucca. His most recent visit to the dentist didn't involve yelling or biting, thanks to Zucca sitting on his lap. Instead, it was a simple tooth removal, and he even got to bring the tooth home with him to put under his pillow for the tooth fairy.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Out Of The Dark: Mandisa's NEW CD Out Today! #OutOfTheDark #FlyBy

My favorite part of church every Sunday morning is the music!

I love me some good Christian music! Maybe it's because I was always in choir, so music was a big part of my life, but music has always been a great way to connect with God for me. It's almost like a type of prayer.

But I don't like to just have the musical worship experience on Sundays, I want to experience it throughout my week! In the car, while I clean, while I journal...I love finding great music that glorifies God!

Today, I'm excited to share with you a brand new album that is sure to get you up--- singing and dancing for the Lord- Mandisa's Out of the Dark:

Mandisa wrote her song “Overcomer” in 2013 to encourage her close friend Kisha, who was battling breast cancer. Mandisa really believed and prayed that God was going to heal her, but when Kisha went to be with Jesus in 2014, Mandisa’s foundation was shaken in a way she never expected. She fell into a deep pit of depression for close to 3 years, shutting out her friends, family and the rest of the world. Mandisa believes if she had kept going down that road she was on, she would not be here today… but God stepped in and lifted her out of that pit by using her close friends to communicate their love for her and God’s love for her. This album is Mandisa’s way of letting her fans into her story – it’s called 'Out Of The Dark' because that is exactly where God lifted her out of!

Have you ever been in that spot? Whether you deal with mental health issues or just deal with situational anxiety or depression on occasion, we all have those moments of feeling down, right? I know I deal withit. I'm there right now with my anxiety... some days it's everything in me to just get out of bed and get through the day. It's in these days that I realize the amazing power of music. The lyrics can speak to us in ways that sometimes not even people can--- they speak the words in our hearts that we are unable to. This album truly was that for me, and I know it can be for so many Christians dealing with mental health issues now. Or people going through a rough spot...or a bad day. Or even if you just appreciate great music with a great message. This album is for ALL of us.

Out Of The Dark is available to purchase TODAY! 

And one very lucky reader is going to win a copy for themselves. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

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