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Summer Tease by Martha Keyes: Book Review

 **ARC received for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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The Book

Falling for Beau Palmer would be the ultimate crime

Wild horses couldn’t drag me back to the small island where I grew up, but you know what can? Making sure the Palmer family–aka the worst neighbors ever–show appropriate respect to the newest resident of their retirement center: my grandma.

But as soon as Grams moves in, her shenanigans put her at risk of being kicked out. Since she’s set on staying in Sunset Harbor until her last breath and there’s no way I’m staying on this nightmare island to take care of her, that’s not an option.

Enter Beau Palmer, the infuriatingly charming local cop who’s got the connections to keep Grams right where she needs to be and help me get out of Dodge sooner. But he's got a price, and it requires putting the Sawyer/Palmer drama firmly in the past.

But the drama isn’t behind us. In fact, it’s right in front of me, wearing a police badge and a smirk that’s really started disturbing my peace.

Summer Tease is a small-town island romantic comedy with the perfect amount of swoon and none of the explicit scenes or language. Read the rest of the Falling for Summer series–seven standalone romances with interconnected characters, all falling in love in Sunset Harbor.

The Author 

Whitney Award-winning author Martha Keyes was born, raised, and educated in Utah—a home she loves dearly but also dearly loves to escape to travel the world. She received a BA in French Studies and a Master of Public Health, both from Brigham Young University.

Her route to becoming an author has been full of twists and turns, but she’s finally settled into something she loves. Researching, daydreaming, and snacking have become full-time jobs, and she couldn’t be happier about it. When she isn’t writing, she is honing her photography skills, looking for travel deals, and spending time with her family.

Book Review

Summer Tease is the fourth book in the Falling for Summer series. This is a multi-author series with interconnected characters all taking place on Sunset Harbor and can all be enjoyed as standalones. That said, having read the first four in order, I'm really enjoying getting a peek at events that I recognize from previous books through a different POV. I find that it's making me appreciate the series as a whole all that much more. 

Oh my goodness, I absolutely adored everything about this book. From their first time seeing one another again to that wonderful epilogue, I absolutely could not get enough of Gemma and Beau. Gemma's has a rocky relationship with the island, and especially with Beau's family due to a long-time family feud. As such, this definitely had some great Romeo and Juliet type vibes--- but you know, without the tragic ending! The chemistry between these two was undeniable and truly, how could someone not fall in love with Beau, regardless of the family history!? The story also had great small-town vibes--- very Gilmore Girls meets island life... in the absolute best ways possible. Let's be honest though, the real star of this book was Grams! She is so full of sass and mischief, and I found myself looking forward to seeing what kind of shenanigans she would be up to next! We've gotten to see her character a bit in the previous books too, but I very much loved getting to see her in all of her glory in this one! There is so much to love in this story, and I absolutely did just that! 

Summer Tease is a closed-door romance with kisses only. 

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