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Major Fireworks by B.R. Goodwin: Book Review

 **ARC received for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

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The Book

She’s denied their tension for years. But he’s finally ready to fight. Will an impulsive bet end in friendship… or fireworks?

Dakota has spent the last three years valiantly, and some would say childishly, convincing himself not to want Sadie Mills. He hates the way she drives him crazy, getting under his skin like a splinter he just can’t remove.

And he especially hates that he doesn’t hate it at all.

After an ill-advised Dominoes Night insult, and some light meddling from his family, Dakota challenges Sadie to a bit of friendly competition. But he quickly discovers how blurry the line between friendliness and more can really be, and that, maybe, he’s ready to jump over that line.

The Author

B.R. Goodwin is a Georgia native, married to her college sweetheart, and the mother of three wild animal children she adores.

When she isn’t writing Christian Fiction, she’s reading, hiking, bee-keeping, soccer mom-ing, or planning her family’s next big adventure while drinking copious amounts of tea & coffee. Above all else, the heartbeat of everything she does in life, friendship, and writing is with an eye to sharing the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ with everyone she meets.

Book Review

Major Fireworks is the third book in the Sugartree Romance series. While I definitely think you'll have a better understanding of the family and relationship dynamics if you've read the previous books first, I do think this could be enjoyed as a standalone with no problems as well. 

Oh my goodness, this book was so GROOD! (iykyk). The tension between Sadie and Dakota has been evident throughout the series and I was so excited to see them get their story... and it absolutely did not disappoint. Truly, I think this series has just gotten better and better with each book! First of all, I really loved the chemistry and yes, the tension, between these two... it was so perfectly done and made for the perfect slow burn that I could not get enough of! Throw in another summertime does of Remillard family shenanigans!? Yes, please! There were so many moments that had me laughing out loud and kept me smiling from start to finish. I absolutely, positively adore this family and cannot get enough of their antics! Mixed in with all that fun and romance was a wonderful reminder of God's purpose for our lives. I love how strong the faith content is within this series... while still keeping realistic characters that aren't perfect. It's the perfect blend and I love it! 

Major Fireworks is a Christian, closed-door romance with plenty of PDA, but kisses only and no language. 

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