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Weaving Roots Epic Book Launch


About the Book 

Book Title: Weaving Roots 

Author Name: Heather Wood 

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction with Romance 

Release Date: June 25, 2024 

Baltimore, 1828 

Spinning. Turning flax to fine linen thread for her family’s weaving business keeps Betha’s hands occupied all day, but it’s the concerns spinning in her heart that never truly rest. How can she give her nephew Henry a secure, loving home when his father remains indifferent? How can she guide the boy who calls her “Ma” to know and follow the Lord for himself? And when past secrets and future changes collide, will she lose Henry altogether? 

Colm Gallagher is passionate about teaching boys using innovative educational methods. But is his kind and thorough instruction enough if he is not allowed to give his students the ultimate truth of God’s Word? Confronted by his student Henry Young and the boy’s lovely but determined aunt, Colm considers if he has allowed practical considerations to outweigh his deepest-held beliefs. 

Even as Betha and Colm are drawn to each other, family loyalties, financial pressures, and personal uncertainties push them further apart. Will the threads of their lives unravel or become knit together into something stronger? 

Weaving linen is her family’s legacy. Weaving roots of truth and grace is her calling. 

Book Excerpt 

“I’d like to get it done with.” 

So he was nervous, but carrying the brave face he’d worn since birth. Betha could only pray that this school gave Henry a new beginning as fresh as the one Seamus counted on Baltimore being for him. 

A shiny lacquered coach and four rounded the corner, and Betha pulled Henry out of the road, peering around the school at the affluent neighborhood beyond it. Despite its location, the building they now approached was obviously built more for function than to relay any grandiose sense of the high endeavor of education. Mounting the stairs, Betha felt the protective mother bear within her rise and surrendered Henry to the Lord. His new schoolmaster might be a strict, hardened old codger. He might hold Henry to an impossible standard or crush the boy’s curious spirit. He might not see Henry as an individual in a crowd of rowdy boys. But at least he would never know of the circumstances of Henry’s birth or call him names related to it. 

No one in Baltimore would be able to hold Seamus’s long-ago choices against Henry if Betha had anything to do with it. Not like New York did. 



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About the Author 

Heather Wood grew up in the Chicago suburbs, loving history, classic literature, writing stories, and Civil War reenacting. After obtaining her bachelor's degree in Bible/Theology from Appalachian Bible College, she settled in Virginia with her husband David. Her early passions fuel her writing today, although she spends most of her days now working to infuse her love for God and good literature into the hearts of her four children. 



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