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Watch The Firing Squad in Theaters Nationwide This August #thefiringsquad #christianfilm #summerblockbuster #movienight

**Screener received for consideration. All opinions are my own. “They faced death. And chose life.” Sometimes, faith can be found in even the most unlikely of places... like in the face of death by firing squad in an international prison. That is exactly the true story that the powerful new film The Firing Squad depicts. Take a look-

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About the Movie--   'The Firing Squad' is inspired by the true story of two drug dealers who found redemption and faith in Christ within the walls of an international prison. They face execution by firing squad due to their crimes but emerge victorious in the end. The film shows anyone on earth can be redeemed by Jesus and face death in a courageous way. The redemption of the prisoners leads the entire prison camp to Christ in the end. - Starring James Barrington, Kevin Sorbo (“God’s Not Dead”, “Let There Be Light”), Cuba Gooding, Jr. This Movie is powerful. For acclaimed actor Cuba Gooding, Jr., this role wasn't just another character; it was a life-altering experience that led him on a journey to discover the profound solace of Christianity.

The filmmakers have been supported by Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru), Calvary Chapel, Pastor Greg Laurie, NACC, Baptist Press, Christian Cinema, NRB, Kay Arthur, Precept Ministries, The Christian Post, The Fish Radio, Rebecca St. James, Family Christian, Lifeway Christian Resources, Talbot Seminary, Biola University, Dallas Theological Seminary, Baptist News, Daystar TV, Evangelical Press Assn, Life Surge, et al., as well as the m
arketing teams behind 'The Passion of the Christ', 'Son of God', 'Sound of Freedom'

I was recently given the chance to view an advanced screener of this film... and my goodness, what a powerful film it was. As the story begins, we meet two men who are running drugs internationally. When they are arrested, they are sent to an international prison and sentenced to death by firing squad. Not even having given all that much thought about how other countries handle their court systems, this was pretty eye opening in and of itself. While in solitary confinement, one of the prisoners finds Jesus. Throughout the film, we see several of the prisoners turning their lives around, despite their bleak circumstances. I won't give too much away, but... wow, what a powerful story this turned out to be! We so often hear that God can change the hearts of anyone, and we see in in Paul's story in the Bible... but I think we often struggle to remember that it still happens today. Knowing that this was based on a true story, made the film all that more impactful. I was super impressed with the talent in this film and really just thought they depicted this story beautifully. I certainly found myself moved to tears on more than one occasion. 

While this is a faith-based film, because of the themes, it's still not the best choice for children. It would probably be okay for older teenagers though. 

The Firing Squad is set to premier in up to 2,500 theaters nationwide on August 2, with some free screenings in key cities too. Visit here to learn more about the movie and find in a theater near you (new theaters being added):


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