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The Amish Book Cellar: Author Guest Post + Giveaway


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About the Book

The Amish Book Cellar

Title: The Amish Book Cellar
Willow Springs Amish Mystery Romance #1
Tracy Fredrychowski
The Tracer Group, LLC
Release Date: June 4, 2024
Christian Fiction Amish Cozy Mystery

It will take everything she has to face her past. Can this wayward woman find her way back into the hearts of her Amish Community? 

When a mistake forces Lydia Troyer to leave her Amish roots in exchange for a new life as an Englischer, she finds herself running from more than her past as Wally Troyer's rebellious daughter. 

Upon her father's untimely death, she is called home to take over The Book Cellar, Willow Springs's favorite Amish bookstore. A series of strange happenings and whispers among her people lead her to suspect there are more than books hidden in the cellar. Will she chance getting her heart broken again if she leans on a longtime friend and carpenter, Aaron Shetler, to help her discover the truth? 

Widower Aaron Shetler has too much at stake to allow Lydia Troyer back into his life. Will it take his young daughter, Mattie Rose, to convince him what he yearns for the most is the one thing he's fighting against the hardest? 

 Together with their Labrador Yankee, Lydia, and Aaron help bring to light a century of mysteries waiting to be unearthed about some of Willow Springs's most upstanding citizens. 

Can this woman find the courage to stand up for what is right and find her place back among her people?  

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About the Author

Tracy Fredrychowski

Tracy Fredrychowski’s life closely mirrors the gentle, simple stories she crafts in her writing. With a passion for the simpler side of life, Tracy regularly shares tips on her website and blog at tracyfredrychowski.com

In northwestern Pennsylvania, Tracy grew up steeping in the virtues of country living. A pivotal moment in her life was the tragic murder of a young Amish woman in her community. This event profoundly influenced her, compelling her to dedicate her writing to the peaceful lives of the Amish people. Tracy aims to inspire her readers through her stories to embrace a life centered around faith, family, and community. 

For those intrigued by the Amish way of life, Tracy extends an invitation to connect with her on facebook.com/tracyfredrychowskiauthor. On her page and group, she shares captivating Amish photography by her friend Jim Fisher and recipes, short stories, and glimpses into her cherished Amish community nestled deep in the heart of northwestern Pennsylvania’s Amish County.

Connect with Tracy at tracyfredrychowski.com to follow her on social media and sign up for email updates.

Author Guest Post

“Faith, Love, and Intrigue” Lydia Troyer’s Story 


Welcome readers! Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Lydia Troyer, the spirited protagonist of my latest Amish cozy mystery romance, The Amish Book Cellar. Lydia’s journey is one of strength, determination, and the pursuit of truth surrounding her father’s untimely death. From the bustling streets of Pittsburgh to the picturesque Amish landscape in Willow Springs, Lydia navigates to fit back into her Amish community. 

In this exclusive interview, Lydia opens up about her past struggles, her father’s death, and the rekindling of her relationship with Aaron Shetler. Join us as we delve deeper into Lydia’s story and uncover the heart of The Amish Book Cellar. I hope you enjoy this intimate look into the life of the character who has come to mean so much to me.  

Happy Reading! 

Tracy Fredrychowski 


Tracy: Lydia, thank you for sitting down with us today. Your journey has been quite eventful. Let’s start with your past. Can you tell us about your time in Pittsburgh and your relationship with Jimmy Scott? 

Lydia: Thank you for having me. My time in Pittsburgh was challenging. I moved there with high hopes that Jimmy and I could build a life together, but things didn’t take long to fall apart. After a month, he left me on the steps of a woman’s shelter, pregnant and alone. 

Tracy: Leaving the security of your Amish community to become English must have been a hard decision. What did it mean for you to return to your childhood home deep in Amish country after all those years? 

Lydia: Leaving my Amish community was a leap into the unknown. It was both liberating and frightening. It was like coming full circle when I decided to return to Willow Springs.  

Tracy: Has it been hard to return to your Amish lifestyle after living among the English for five years? 

Lydia: The English world offers a different kind of freedom and pace of life. Returning to the Amish way has required patience on my part. But it has also brought me a sense of peace and belonging that I missed. 

Tracy: Returning to Willow Springs, you found yourself entangled in a mystery surrounding your father’s bookstore. What drove you to stay and not return to the life you had built in Pittsburgh? 

Lydia: My father’s death was surrounded by too many unanswered questions. Discovering his journal and the missing book collection sparked something in me. I felt a responsibility to uncover the truth and save the bookstore. 

Tracy: Harvey, your brother, seems determined to sell the bookstore. How has that conflict affected your relationship with him? 

Lydia: Harvey and I have always had differences, but this situation has further strained our relationship. He believes selling the bookstore solves his financial problems, but I see it as preserving our family’s history and honoring our father’s memory. It’s been a difficult balance to maintain. 

Tracy: Aaron has been a significant part of your journey. How has your relationship evolved through these challenges? 

Lydia: Aaron has always been a source of strength for me, but he worries about my ability to return to the Amish way of life after living in the English world. Our relationship has faced many tests, but we’ve discovered more about each other through it all. 

Tracy: You’ve encountered some troubling characters, including Ben Markel and Jack Glick. How have you managed these threats? 

Lydia: Protecting myself and the bookstore has been a constant battle. Ben Markel’s interest in the property and Jack Glick’s unsettling behavior have kept me on edge. But with Aaron’s support and determination, I’ve managed to navigate these threats while uncovering the many secrets in the book cellar. 

Tracy: Finally, Lydia, what do you hope for the future? For yourself and the bookstore? 

Lydia: I want the bookstore to thrive as a testament to my father’s legacy. Personally, I hope to build a future with Aaron and Mattie Rose. I pray we can overcome our past and create a life rooted in faith, love, and understanding. 

Tracy: Thank you, Lydia. Your strength through this challenging time is truly inspiring. I wish you all the best in your journey. 

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