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Her Runaway Vacay by Jen Atkinson: Book Review

 **ARC received for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

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The Book

Sometimes even the most responsible and sensible of girls needs a vacation…

I had big summer plans… none of which included Hawaii. I was going to garden. I was going to paint my fence. I was going to purchase a hamster.
Hawaii was never the plan.

When my weasel ex tried to steal our vacation tickets for himself and his new girlfriend, it just happened.

So, I’m in Hawaii. On vacation. Sure, I’ve got expectations…

I expect reading on the beach. I expect mocktails by the pool. I expect a week of twiddling my thumbs and organizing my photos app.

I did not expect Kal.

Somehow my new Samoan god-like acquaintance convinces me to spend my week exploring, to spend it spontaneous, to spend it adventuring.

To spend it with him.

No, Kal was something I never expected, neither was falling in love.

Her Runaway Vacay is part of the Sunkissed Summer Novellas, a multi-author series about six former college roommates. They've gone their separate ways but love is going to find them all in the exact same summer!

The Author

Jen Atkinson has been dreaming up love stories and writing them down since she learned her ABCs in elementary school. While Jen has written a variety of genres, from romantic suspense to laugh out loud romcoms, all of her novels contain three things: a love story, a happily ever after, and all are sweet, closed-door reads! If you want to feel all the feels and get a little light head from swooning over cinnamon roll heroes grab one of Jen's books.

When she isn't writing... or editing... or creating fun graphics about books to share online, Jen is dating her husband, hanging out with her children, and teaching elementary kids.

To learn more about Jen, follow her on Instagram at @authorjenatkinson.

Book Review

Her Runaway Vacay is the fourth book in the Sunkissed Summer Novellas series. This is a multi-author series with interconnected characters, but they can be enjoyed as standalones as well. 

Simply put, I absolutely LOVED this book. As someone who likes plans and routine myself, I absolutely related to Meg very much... and loved seeing her decide to be spontaneous and prove everyone wrong! Going on a solo vacation to Hawaii certainly did that! Kal is her complete opposite, much more go with the flow. I loved their initial meeting and the immediate chemistry between them. It was such a great balance, and I couldn't help but love them together. This was definitely a very quick romance, but it was packed full of so many wonderful moments. The wedding reception had me laughing out loud... and Kal's mom was just the absolute best with her meddling and bluntness! I adored her just as much as the main characters! This was truly the perfect short and sweet beach read and I could not get enough!

Her Runaway Vacay is a closed-door romance with sizzling kisses, but nothing beyond that and no language. 

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