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For Butter or for Worse by Dana LeCheminant: Book Review

*Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

For Butter or Worse Book Cover

In the quaint coastal town of Willow Cove, Georgie Carpenter returns to take over a bakery, only to discover that the sweet deal comes with an unexpected twist—a husband.

Royal “King” Kingston, overwhelmed with balancing surf lessons and the responsibility of his late uncle’s struggling bakery, is shocked by Georgie’s return from the big city to his little town. Though she’s renowned as a pastry chef and could save the bakery, King can’t shake the memories of her rejection of his proposal a decade ago. Yet faced with the ultimatum of losing his uncle’s legacy or handing it over to the woman who broke his young heart, King reluctantly agrees to her help.

However, there’s a catch—the bakery can only be passed down to family. Georgie suggests a solution: a temporary marriage to facilitate the transfer of ownership. With no strings attached, they can part ways once the paperwork is done. King is reluctant but agrees to the plan out of necessity.

But as their temporary arrangement evolves, both Georgie and King confront unexpected emotions and realize that what they bargained for may be more than they ever imagined. Will their makeshift marriage lead to a second chance at love, or will past insecurities tear them apart once again?

Dana LeCheminant has been telling stories since she was old enough to know what stories were. After spending most of her childhood reading everything she could get her hands on, she eventually realized she could write her own books, and since then she always has plots brewing and characters clamoring to be next to have their stories told. A lover of all things outdoors, she finds inspiration while hiking the remote Utah backcountry and cruising down rivers. Until her endless imagination runs dry, she will always have another story to tell.

Oh my goodness... Royal and Georgie were just the BEST, and I couldn't get enough of them. Right from the opening sentence, I knew this was going to be a fun read. Animal mischief? Check. A marriage of convenience and second chance romance? Check. A meddling best friend? Check. The perfect coastal setting? Yes, this one checked all the boxes and had me smiling throughout! The chemistry between these two was done so well, even if their history was a little on the messy side keeping them from wanting to give into it. Cecily's marriage counseling led to some great laugh out loud moments, but also some really sweet and tender ones too. And despite his objections, Coop's character added some fun to the story too (I cannot wait to see him get his own story in the series too!). And... did I mention there's a llama too? There really was just so much to enjoy in this story and I loved absolutely every single second. It's the perfect quick summer read and one you absolutely don't want to miss.

For Butter or Worse is a closed-door romance with kisses only and no language.

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