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Error Handling by Erin Lucy: Book Review

 **I received a complimentary copy via Netgalley. All opinions are my own.

The Book

Love isn’t always logical.

Hello, I am Cupid, the AI powering MatchAI, embarking on another unique romantic operation. The subjects:

Sarah, a witty and reserved painter, and Christopher, a diminutive HR representative with impeccable style. The unexpected variable: Chris, a handyman with near-perfect physical attributes.

En route to her date with Christopher, Sarah errantly commences a date with Chris. Their strong mutual attraction leads to complex emotional outputs when Sarah discovers the mix-up. Thus begins a case of mistaken identity and a very complicated love triangle.

While navigating her unexpected attractions to Christopher and Chris, Sarah must analyze and adapt to the evolving dynamics of this triangle, assessing emotional responses, compatibility factors, and potential costs versus benefits.
I am designed to make logical conclusions based on probabilities and pattern matching.

Sarah, Christopher, and Chris test my algorithm to its utmost, highlighting the challenges human relationships pose to even the most advanced AI systems. In the end, I will adjust my weights and balances accordingly, adding new logic paths to my constellation of possible outcomes.

In other words: I’ll be ready for anything.

Error Handling is a southern, sweet romantic comedy that defies logic and flutters the heart. Don’t miss this hilariously bumpy journey to happily-ever-after.

The Author

Erin Lucy is partial to beaches and corn fields. She loves small towns, quaint cities, and places that feel cozy. Her social media of choice is Instagram (@erin_lucy_author). She’s also on Facebook (@erinlucyauthor), or you can stop by her website at www.erinlucy.com to see what she’s up to.

She has a day job, three kids, a husband, and some pets. If she’s not writing, she might be reading, going to church, going to the gym, or drinking way too much boba tea.

Long ago she received an English degree with Honors from a college in the Midwest.

Book Review

Error Handling is the second book in the Matched by Cupid series. I had not personally read the first book in the series and found I was able to enjoy this one just fine as a standalone. 

I have to admit, I sometimes have a habit of not reading book blurbs in their entirety. Had I done so, I might have skipped over this one... I am definitely one of those people isn't typically a fan of love triangles... and this one most certainly has a love triangle. While I don't want to give too much away, I will say the POVs make it fairly apparent pretty early on who is going to end up together. For me, that helps a little bit, but it's still very much a love triangle and not as subtle as some others I've read. While I think the author did handle everything pretty well, it's admittedly still not my most favorite. Still, I did enjoy the story, nonetheless. It was really cute, and I absolutely adored the initial meeting. It was such a fun way to start the story and really set the tone for the rest of the story. 

Error Handling is a closed-door romance. There is some innuendo and discussions about sex, but there is nothing beyond kisses and no language.

You can grab your copy here: https://amzn.to/4eERAIN


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