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Playing Along by Heather Miekstyn: Book Review

*Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

A pharmaceutical sales rep caught in the middle of a murder investigation. A detective who will do anything to protect her. One moment that will change everything between them.

It’s been three years since Detective Jack Reynolds last saw Nora Evans. Three years since their relationship went up in flames, and he walked away carrying a torch for her that he never could quite manage to snuff out. When Nora shows up on his front doorstep in desperate need of his help, he knows he has two choices: help her or—actually, with her arresting green eyes pleading up at him he can’t seem to remember the second choice.

For Nora, showing up on Jack’s doorstep was a last resort, at her wit’s end, never did she ever consider that this could happen sort of deal. But here she is. And much to her annoyance, Jack looks just as good as she remembers. Scratch that, he looks even better. Worse, he actually agrees to help her. How is she supposed to harbor feelings of ill-will toward him now?

Things only get more complicated when helping Nora unexpectedly necessitates a courthouse elopement. As the pair get further entangled in the web of lies they’ve woven, old wounds between them resurface, friendships are tested, and their very lives are endangered.

Will their fake marriage survive the week or will their vow till death do us part become a frightening reality?

As a child, Heather Miekstyn used to spend hours in her room creating characters, then writing out the first half of their stories before eventually losing steam. Then she discovered the romance genre and realized the key to finishing any good story-a happy ending.

Heather resides in Michigan with her husband, four daughters, and their rambunctious black lab. When she is not writing, she can be found reading, running, or playing Bananagrams. She hopes her books leave you feeling like you’ve just been hugged by a Hallmark movie.
For more information visit her website, or follow her on Instagram @heathermiekstyn

Playing Along is the fourth book in the Detectives in Love series. While this could probably be enjoyed as a standalone as well, I think you're going to get more out of the story and fully understand the dynamic of this group of friends if you've read the series in order.

Oh my goodness... where to begin!? Simply put, this book was absolutely amazing, as is the series as a whole. Admittedly though, as the story started, I wasn't quite so sure about it. It's hard to explain why without giving anything away (and you really need to experience all the unexpected surprises that this story brings for yourself without any spoilers) ... but I'll just say that the characters made some less-than-ideal choices. By the end, I felt much better about everything that happened. There were so many twists and turns to keep me guessing and nothing was quite as clear as we think it is... in the best way possible. The chemistry between Jack and Nora is absolutely fantastic and they certainly had the most unique reason for entering a marriage of convenience that I've ever read... I absolutely loved it. All the 'my wife' moments!? Yes, please. Jack is such a caring MMC and is willing to go to great lengths to care for the woman he loves!

We get to catch up with characters from the previous books, and I really loved the humor they brought to the story. Did I once again find myself questioning if I should be laughing so much during a murder mystery? Yes, yes, I did... but I loved it anyway!

Playing Along is a closed-door romance with kisses only and no language. There is an attempted on-page assault. While it is fairly brief and doesn't go into graphic detail, that's definitely something to keep in mind if that could be triggering for you.

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