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Love on a Whim by Suzanne Woods Fisher: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Brynn Haywood's impulsive marriage to a man she'd known less than 24 hours leaves her with deep regret. She flees to Cape Cod, finding refuge with her loyal friend, Dawn Dixon. As Brynn grapples with her emotions, Dawn acts swiftly, eager to help secure a lawyer for her through her mother Marnie's good friend, Lincoln Hayes. However, Lincoln's preoccupation with his daughter's lavish wedding brings unexpected challenges.

The arrival of Lincoln's estranged son, Bear Hayes, stirs the waters further. Alarmed by his father's extravagant generosity toward the Dixon family, Bear ignites friction between Marnie and Lincoln. As the wedding day arrives, Lincoln vanishes--and an unwelcome guest makes a surprise appearance.

Bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher delights with this sweet story of love, family, and the unpredictability of life.

Suzanne Woods Fisher loves stories worth telling about people worth remembering. With over a million copies of her book sold worldwide, this bestselling, award-winning author of more than 30 books is always on the lookout for the unsung hero with an untold story.

Readers are invited to stop by Suzanne's website at: www.suzannewoodsfisher.com

Love On a Whim is the third book in the Cape Cod Creamery series. While you may have a better understanding of many of the relationships and characters mentioned throughout the story if you've read the previous books, this could probably be enjoyed as a standalone as well.

This story drew me in right from the start... the story starts with Brynn's announcement that she has married someone who is essentially a stranger, and then panicking and fleeing to Cape Cod. I thought this was such an interesting idea for a story. Throw in complicated family relationships and a last-minute wedding to be catered and there was a lot going on in the story... but it all worked together to keep me wanting to know what was going to happen next. While we didn't get as much of the romance between Brynn and TD as I would have expected, I found that it worked well for this story and that didn't bother me at all. There were many 'surprises' that I admittedly saw coming very early on... but it didn't impact my enjoyment of the story at all. The message of faith and seeing God's plan in it all was strong throughout the story which I really appreciated as well. 

This was another great addition to a fantastic series and one that I really enjoyed. 

Get your copy: https://amzn.to/3U6sRDP


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