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Love Never Happens with your Brother's Best Friend by Francesca Spencer: Book Review

*Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

The day Brodie Kent kissed me was the beginning but also the end.

Heartbroken and angry doesn’t come close to how I felt when he left town, and me, to pursue his football dreams.

Fine. Good.

He has his life. And I have mine.

Except, Brodie’s mega-star, hard-partying player’s flirty love-life is all over the news and social media channels.

He’s pretty hard to ignore.

Annoyingly, his boyish good looks are on every screen and other people’s phones.

Then, years after Our Kiss, and out of the blue, Brodie is back in Oak River.

Cool. I can handle it.

I am not falling for his charms again.

But a teenage crush is a powerful thing and perhaps Brodie Kent is not the guy in the gossip section of national news.

There’s another reason why he left town and stayed away.

Maybe I’ll find out when we’re camping alone together.

But wait a minute... There’s only one tent.

Love Never Happens with your Brother’s Best Friendis a dual POV, low-heat, closed-door, stand-alone romcom with loads of laughs, swoony kisses, and a newsworthy happily-ever-ahhhfter.

Trigger warning: The story centers on accusations of sexual misconduct: he said, she said. I acknowledge that this is a serious subject, but I’ve used ‘accusation’ as dramatic vehicle to drive the light, fun romcom narrative. Maybe don’t read this book if you think it will cause upset.

My stories are loaded with funny stuff, coincidence, drama and love.

I pull out all the action and comedy, which is usually tragic and accident laden - add some romance if it's romcom - and package it up in a satisfying narrative tied up with a big pink shiny satin bow.

Tadaah! Here you go. Enjoy.

​I'm a compulsive traveller. In fact, it's almost an addiction. I have to move around. To fund this expensive hobby, I've worked as an international primary school teacher in a number of countries, for a number of years, which has supplied its own rewards and serviced a mountain of writing material.
​When I'm not teaching or having marvellous adventures, I'm visiting friends and family and writing books.

This was a super cute read! As the story begins, Brodie is being (wrongfully) accused of some misconduct and as such is put on a leave from his professional football career. To get away from the spotlight, he heads back to his hometown where he hasn't returned since leaving years earlier. As the story goes on, we slowly get bits and pieces of the events that happened prior to his leaving between him and Rita that had kept him away for so long. Each piece of history we were given made me want them to finally get their happily ever after that much more. They had a sweet chemistry and there's just something about a second chance with a high school crush that is really fun. I also really enjoyed that while Brodie is this tough athlete, he's completely out of his element out in the wilderness... which certainly leads to some funny moments that had me laughing out loud. While their romance may have been very quick, it was cute and enjoyable.

Love Never Happens with Your Brother's Best Friend is a closed-door romance with kisses only. There is one very minor swear as well.

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