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Faking The Shot by Sophie Irving: Book Review

*Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Don't fall for your brother's best friend. And definitely don't let him switch positions, going from basketball star to your fake fiancé.

I was eight when I fashioned a wedding dress from my brother's shirt and made Wilder Carrington promise to marry me.

When I was eighteen, I plucked up the courage to confess my feelings. I had it all planned—a stupid love letter, flowers, and his favorite spot.

But Wild rejected me.

Years later, he's still the same: protective, super attentive, and almost annoyingly perfect.

I've worked really hard to erase any hint of my old crush on Mr. Unavailable.

So, he's the last person I call when a 'teensy-tiny tweet' lands me in a need-a-husband-ASAP kind of trouble.

But like he always has, Wilder Carrington comes charging to my rescue.

I should keep my head and reject his offer.

I should not be moved when he calls me his wife.

Hear that? That's the sound of my treacherous heart beating for a man allergic to the L-word.

Faking The Shot is a sweet romcom for lovers of oblivious MMCs and sports romance. Expect sizzling chemistry, prepare to squeal and kick your feet. There are no explicit scenes. Check out the first book of Love Always, a series based around four strong, protective brothers and their two lovely cousins finding love. Each book can be read as a standalone.

Sophie Irving loves sweet and swoony. So, she writes sweet and swoony without spice or swearing.

She lives with her two sisters in a tiny town. If it wasn’t obvious (lol), she loves kdramas, rice and bread--not necessarily in that order.
Her perfect day is a cold, rainy day (throw in a storm, too), snuggled under the blankets with a good book and hot coffee.

If you enjoy brother's best friend, age gap and sports romances, this is a debut romcom you'll want to check out. Evie and Wilder both have some complicated family dynamics, and I'll admit, it took me a bit to sort that all out in my brain in the beginning and as such, took me a little bit longer to get into... but once I got it all sorted out, I found myself really loving these characters and their story. They had such a sweet relationship as friends, I loved how protective he was of her. Throw in a fake engagement and I was hooked. Their history could have made this whole story not work--- but I thought the author handled the age gap between them very well in a way that worked. There were a few moments where it was a little slower paced than I prefer, but I found myself enjoying their story, nonetheless. This was a fun start to a new series and one that I look forward to reading more from!

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