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The Quit List by Katie Bailey: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

He quit believing in love a long time ago. She won't quit until she finds the One...
and he's everything she's NOT looking for.

Holly Greene is on a mission to find her happily ever after. And her journey to love does not include a detour to Bad Boy Bartenderville, population Jax Grainger.

Jax may be witty, smart-mouthed, and handsome, but he’s the kind of guy who views love as a four-letter word… and the last thing Holly needs is to waste any more time.

She’s in her seeking Prince Charming era, not her playboy villain era.

But after he saves her from the world’s worst date, Holly sees an opportunity: Jax may not check any of the boxes on her list, but he’s the perfect person to help her find a man who does.

All she has to do is stick to the plan—and stay out of the sexy bartender’s arms.

Easy peasy lemon sque... Oops.

Get ready for tons of chemistry, tension, and laugh-out-loud moments in this hilarious new dating coach rom com with no third act break up. The Quit List is a closed door/low spice romance that includes mild language, innuendo, and suggestive humor.

Katie Bailey writes closed door rom coms with quirky, silly humor, relatable characters, and tons of sizzle and chemistry. Her aim with every book she writes is to deliver a love story that will give you a good laugh, maybe even a bit of a cry, but definitely leave you with a new book boyfriend.

If you've read previous books by Katie Bailey, you might recognize Holly and Jax... but this is a standalone novel that can absolutely be enjoyed if this is your first of the author's books! 

Oh my... I just adored this book! Katie Bailey is an absolute master of writing both amazing chemistry and fantastic witty banter, and this one was the perfect example of that! Holly has been on a string of dates in an effort to find the perfect guy for her... and it is NOT going well. Jax is a bartender and has taken notice of her dating habits... when he saves her most recent bad date, they become acquainted, and she asks him to be her dating coach. The chemistry between the two is so good and obvious right from the start. The problem? He's the complete opposite of everything she's looking for. She's looking for someone ready to settle down and start a family... and he's not interested in serious relationships. But as he's helping her find the perfect match, they find themselves going from strangers to friends to more... and I adored absolutely every single second of it! I loved how Jax didn't hold back his opinions, but how supportive he was of her at the same time. Likewise, she was super supportive of his goals too. They both had some things they had to work through throughout the story, and I loved seeing that growth too!  The romance was a bit of a slow burn, but the payoff was absolutely worth it... those kisses!? Oh my! Truly, such a fantastic read that I couldn't put down. 

The Quit List is a closed-door romance, but definitely a bit more PG-13 than a lot of the books I tend to read. While there's nothing beyond kisses on the pages, there's definitely a bit more innuendo as well as minor language throughout. If that's something that you don't care for, this one may not be your cup of tea. 

Get your copy:  https://amzn.to/3xizDyR


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