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The Importance of Activity in Residential Care

 Through TV, movies, and other popular forms of media, a certain stereotypical image of residential care has been cultivated in the minds of many. This image might include a lifeless room with people silently and vacantly watching TV – an atmosphere of dreariness that is consistently present. This image has arguably done damage to people’s perceptions to the point where they resist all care home options even when it could provide an opportunity for life to improve. 

The role that activity plays in all of this is a large one. Both being active and engaging with activities are important here, and the right destination could help you achieve both. 

Opening Your Mind 

It could be that this association of care homes is one that has you wondering what kinds of activities could even be available once you arrive. It might be that looking over what different candidates are offering can help you to get some idea of what to expect – and this could both help you to feel more enthusiastic about the prospect as a whole, and consider what hobbies you might enjoy. Fairview Court is a Bristol care home that supports the idea of residents leading a fulfilling life – meaning that it offers both events and activities that take place indoors as well as out and about. 

Staying Active 

If you’re struggling with mobility issues, you might find that the prospect of staying active and getting exercise isn’t the easiest one. However, this might well be something that care staff are eager to get you involved with as well due to how beneficial it can be for your health. In that way, you might find that staying active isn’t something that you necessarily struggle with as much as you anticipated due to how it will be encouraged. That being said, it can sometimes be difficult to get into the habit of exercising as it’s not always clear how beneficial it can be without making it a regular part of your schedule. With that in mind, embracing the short-term discomfort of exercising more regularly might have long-term benefits. 

A Social Aid 

One of the advantages of a care home for people who might be thinking about moving into one is the possibility of widening your social circle. Living alone comes with independence, but it can also exacerbate feelings of isolation. The opportunity to make friends and spend time in like-minded company might be an appealing prospect, but you might also struggle to know how to make friends to begin with. This is another area where activity can come into play – helping to provide a format and structure to the socializing so that you might find it easier to make friends as a result. 

Over time, you might find that these activities are less about finding a way to make friends and more about sharing something with your friends that you both enjoy. It could also make you more open to the idea of trying new things, which could result in a more positive outlook overall. 


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