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The Backup Princess by Kate O'Keeffe: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

When a Texas gal punches a prince instead of curtsying, you know this isn't your grandmother's fairy tale.

Taking the bull by the horns is child's play compared to ruling Malveaux. Yet here I am, a Texas girl turned princess, swapping tacos for a tiara.

Then I meet Europe’s most eligible bachelor, the irritatingly handsome Prince Alexander, and accidentally deck him instead of curtsying.


I’d feel bad if he wasn’t such a self-satisfied jerk.

Now, I'm racing against a royal clock that ticks with the urgency of a preening peacock, trying not to let down my newfound country or my own wild heart. Alexander? He's a walking contradiction, with a smirk that heats my blood and eyes that tell tales of a depth I didn't expect.

Decisions aren't exactly my rodeo, but this time, my choice could cost me my new crown—or lead to a love story that rewrites my happily ever after.

Will this Texas girl rise to the royal challenge, or is this one fairytale destined to end with the slipper never found?

The Princess Diaries meets The Hating Game in this in this dizzyingly romantic modern royal romcom for grown-ups, where an American girl's unexpected ascent to royalty collides with a fiery romance with a hot neighboring prince. The Backup Princess is a closed-door romance with all the sizzle but without the spice, and a guaranteed happily ever after. It’s Book 1 in the brand new series, Royally Kissed.

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Kate O'Keeffe writes exactly what she loves to read: laugh-out-loud romantic comedies with swoon-worthy heroes and gorgeous feel-good happily ever afters. She lives and loves in beautiful Hawke's Bay, New Zealand with her family and two scruffy dogs. When she's not penning her latest story, Kate can be found hiking up hills (slowly), traveling to different countries, and eating chocolate. A lot of it.

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If you're like me and loved The Princess Diaries as a teen and are looking for a fun romcom with those same vibes--- this is IT. 

Unlike Princess Mia, Maddie has always known that her mother had been a princess and had given up her position to marry her dad... and as such had always lived her life as a regular Texas girl. That is, until her uncle decides to abdicate making her the next in line to the throne! Bring on the princess lessons and awkwardness of learning the royal traditions... all wrapped up with a fabulous romance! To say Maddie and Alex don't hit it off well would be an understatement. Not only did they both have preconceived ideas about the other, but their meet-cute was definitely more of a meet-ugly... and one that I couldn't help but laugh out loud for! So, so good and not one I'll soon be forgetting.  I immediately loved them together--- their banter was just as wonderful as their chemistry... and boy, was there chemistry! Although their story is actually quite quick, it really felt like more of a slow burn while reading--- in the best way possible. It made that first kiss all that much greater! 

As much as I loved Maddie and Alex, I found myself invested in his siblings' lives as well! They were such fun characters and I find myself very much looking forward to hopefully seeing all of their stories as the series goes on. I cannot wait!! 

The Backup Princess is a closed-door romance with kisses only and no language. 

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