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Switch and Score by Dulcie Dameron: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

When a sibling switch goes awry, blackmail is the only way out.

Professional figure skater, Jude Forshtay, would do anything for his twin brother, Joel.

But when Joel hurts himself, incurring an injury that could affect his future career plans, he asks the impossible of his twin: replace him on the Denver Dragons until Joel is able to play again.

Except Jude doesn’t do hockey anymore, and he certainly doesn’t want to lie for his brother, no matter how badly Joel might need him to. But when Jude hears the real reason Joel can’t lose his spot on the team, he reluctantly agrees to the switch.

There’s just one problem…The coach’s annoying, nit-picky daughter.

Chantelle Pratt is the Denver Dragon’s biggest fan. She knows all the players and their positions by heart, right down to the number of assists and goals each of them has. So, when Joel isn’t playing quite the same as he normally does, showcasing some weird new skating flair, she intends to find out why.

But it’s way worse than she suspected.

Jude can’t let his brother’s career die just because some nosy girl threatens to spill his and Joel's secret, so he bribes Chantelle to keep the truth hidden the only way he knows how: blackmail.

Switch and Score is a sweet hockey romance that features enemies-to-lovers rivalry, swoony, spark-inducing kisses, and sizzling tension without the spice. **

Dulcie is a wife and mama fulfilling her calling in the most picturesque small town anyone's ever seen. She writes stories that are full of charm and grace, sprinkling a little romance into the world around her. You can find her online at www.dulciedameron.com or on Instagram as @dulciedameron

Switch and Score
is the fifth book in the Dating a Denver Dragon series. I had not yet read all of the previous books, but I found I was able to enjoy this one just fine as a standalone. 

Oh my goodness, I absolutely adored this book! There is just something about a twin swap that I absolutely love. I haven't read a ton of them, but those I have read have turned out to be some of my very favorites... and this was no exception. I loved how much Jude cared about his family and was willing to go to such extremes to be there for them. While some of his initial interactions with Chantelle were...less than sweet...he won me over anyway. Chantelle was fantastically written as well. While I do not have OCD, I do have my own mental health struggles and know a little something about intrusive and spiraling thoughts. I love seeing all kinds of minds represented in fiction and find that so important and it was done so well here. And these two characters together? Absolute gold! I loved the fire between them--- both when they were fighting and when they weren't! That first kiss? Oh my goodness, so very good! This story had a lot going on, with so many secrets to keep track of... but it was done perfectly, and I found myself enjoying every single second. 

Switch and Score is a closed-door romance with kisses only and no language. There is some light Christian content as well. (Mentions of characters praying, etc.) 

Get your copy: https://amzn.to/44dog7F


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