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Top Tips for Inspiring Students in the Classroom


Every parent wants their child to benefit from a well-rounded education. Children have an innate desire to learn new information and their formative years are a time when new skills can be learned along with gaining a deeper understanding of the world. The education sector plays a vital role in their development. It helps them to gain the knowledge and understanding that will allow them to effectively contribute to society when they become adults. However, some traditional forms of learning may not inspire modern students.  

Learning information by rote and then repeating it in the form of tests and assessments does not give a complete understanding of the subject matter. This form of teaching can also demoralize students as it can stifle the creativity of young minds, reducing education to simply memorizing facts. Thankfully, modern teaching methods and techniques can help inspire the current student generation. In this article, some tips will be explored that help make education more mentally invigorating, allowing students to be inspired as they learn. 


Cultivate collaboration with a school book project 


It is now widely recognized that teaching project management skills to students is extremely important. In adult life, project management forms a key part of most professions, from undertaking group tasks in an office environment to working as a dedicated project manager. Schools can foster the learning of some key collaborative skills in this respect by creating a school book project. For this task, students will need to work together to contribute to the design and content of the book.  

They may need to work to pre-determined timescales and plan the different stages of the project to completion. If you are a teacher who is seeking additional information on this project, you can find some here. Students can choose specific roles that they would like to play in the project. These can include overseeing the artwork, writing on specific topics, or managing the overall project process. In short, a school book project is an ideal way to introduce students to the key concepts of project management and collaboration while creating a stimulating group activity. 


Try VR in the classroom 


Only a few decades ago, most lessons consisted of teachers writing information on a blackboard and students taking notes during the session. This method of teaching is still widely used today but is not a particularly inspiring or exciting way to learn. Today, virtual reality technology has become widely available, and its applications are becoming more relevant to the world of education. VR tech consists of a VR headset and typically some form of hand controller to navigate virtual spaces. 

 In the classroom, the applications of VR are almost limitless. For example, students can take a tour of historical sites or travel back in time to experience how life would have been at various points in history. The sciences can be explored by undertaking virtual experiments in a completely safe environment. With smaller schools with limited sports facilities, the ability to undertake virtual exercise classes and team games becomes possible with this tech. Students naturally gravitate toward new technology and providing VR tech in schools can help enhance learning in various topics. 




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