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The Cowboy Who Came Home by Liz Isaacson: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

He’s been serving in the military for a decade. She’s been quietly grieving a devastating loss. When Finn and Edith reunite in small-town Three Rivers where they grew up together, can their second chance romance provide hope, healing, and the happily-ever-after they both crave?

Finley Ackerman left home ten years ago, determined to figure out who he was and what he wanted his life to be. He’s been serving in the Army, but when the opportunity to get out of intelligence and go home to Three Rivers comes up, Finn jumps at it.

He’s expecting a huge homecoming at Three Rivers Ranch. He’s even expecting the Welcome Home banners draped across Main Street in town. He’s not expecting to run into Edith Baxter literally the moment he gets out of his truck.

Edith is just as surprised to see Finn—decked out in his uniform, no less—as she comes out of her equine therapy appointment at Three Rivers Ranch. But the moment she steps into his arms and welcomes him home, it’s as if choirs of angels start singing.

Perhaps he’s what she needs to finally move past the tragedies life has dealt her. She’s done her best to put her heart back together after the devastating loss of her fiancé a few years ago, and she does that by pouring everything she has into her children’s books and working a small patch of land not far from Finn’s sprawling family operation.

But she’s not whole, and she knows it. He does too, and as Finn and Edith start finding solace in one another, she learns that he carries his own scars. She’s not sure her heart will ever be whole enough to give to another cowboy, and Finn’s not sure exactly what’s next for him or how long he’s actually going to stay in town.

Can Edith and Finn make their second chance into a forever love? Or will life’s paths once again diverge, driving them apart for good?

Return to Three Rivers in this small-town saga romance where the legacy of the past meets the promise of the future. Revisit beloved characters and fall in love with a new generation in the Second Generation in Three Rivers Romance series!

Trigger warning: Edith's fianc
é dies from a fast-growing brain cancer. It is mentioned, and she mourns him, but there is nothing graphic on on-page about his illness and he's been gone for almost 3 years when this book begins.

★USA Today Bestseller ★ Top 10 Kindle Unlimited All-Star ★

Liz Isaacson® writes inspirational cowboy romances. She has multiple #1 bestsellers in over a dozen categories, is a USA Today Bestseller, and a Top 10 Bestselling Author in Kindle Unlimited. She loves all things to do with contemporary cowboys, and will write romance in Texas or Wyoming, and anywhere else she can find horses and mountains. Find out more on her website, Feel-Good Fiction Books.

The Cowboy Who Came Home is the first book in the Second Generation in Three Rivers Romance, but while it's the first book in THIS series, there have been other series set in this same location and there is some character crossover there. Having not read any of those previous books, I did find it to be a lot of characters to sort out in my head, but once I got everyone straight, I was definitely able to enjoy this just fine as a standalone.

I appreciate a good second-chance romance, and this was definitely a sweet one. When Finn returns home after serving in the military, he runs into his old high school girlfriend Edith and the two reconnect. Edith is healing from the loss of her fiancé. I think that can be a difficult topic to make work in a romance--- that idea of moving forward and loving deeply, while also not taking away from that love and loss. I thought this book did so beautifully. It was an important part of their story and brought its share of challenges, but I loved seeing two flawed characters learn to overcome everything life had dealt them to have their second chance at a happily ever after. These two were so sweet together and I couldn't help but be drawn into their story. 

While the romance was great, of course, this book also had beautiful messages of family, community and faith that helped to make it all that much better too. We are also given some glimpses at some of the characters whose stories are still to come, which had me really looking forward to seeing what comes next. 

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