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Somewhere Along the Way by Heather Miekstyn: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

A safety-conscious residence hall director who lives by the rules (specifically her rules). A homicide detective who has always wanted her to let him be her safe place. One wedding date that will change everything.

Mel King and Noah Anderson have been best friends for forever. Diapers? They wore them together. Science projects? They aced them together. Adulthood? Still doing life together.

But Noah has a secret. Despite the fact that Mel brother-zoned him a long time ago he still can't seem to stop himself from loving her. So when Mel asks him to attend a wedding with her in hopes of fending off another man's unwanted advances, Noah jumps at the opportunity to be her fake date. Faking it until he makes it has never sounded so appealing...but he's ready to not be faking it--or hiding it--anymore. This could finally be his opportunity to tell her the truth, and he's ready for it.

But when one of Mel's residents is found murdered in a dressing room at the wedding venue, Noah's confession takes a backseat to a very personal murder investigation. With various leads and clues pointing them in all different directions, can Noah and Mel solve the case before the murderer strikes again?

And is there a right time during a murder investigation to tell someone you love them? After all, a murder investigation is a far less romantic setting than a wedding...or is it?

As a child, Heather Miekstyn used to spend hours in her room creating characters, then writing out the first half of their stories before eventually losing steam. Then she discovered the romance genre and realized the key to finishing any good story-a happy ending.

Heather resides in Michigan with her husband, four daughters, and their rambunctious black lab. When she is not writing, she can be found reading, running, or playing Bananagrams. She hopes her books leave you feeling like you’ve just been hugged by a Hallmark movie.

For more information visit her website, www.heathermiekstyn.com or follow her on Instagram @heathermiekstyn

Somewhere Along the Way is the third book in the Detectives in Love series. Each book features a different friend from a group of homicide detectives. While I think you'll understand the friendship dynamic most by reading in order, this could definitely be enjoyed just fine as a standalone as well. 

Oh my goodness, I'm a little bit obsessed with this series! This one is another romcom-ystery, which might just be my favorite style of mashup! It had all the humor and swoon-worthy moments that I'm looking for in a romcom--- with a cozy murder mystery mixed in there too. And I love it. Honestly, I found myself thinking that I really shouldn't be laughing so much when we're dealing with murder... and yet, so many times throughout I found myself laughing out loud. The first body mentioned in the story!? Yeah, I was definitely giggling! (When you read it, you'll understand!)

Mel and Noah were fantastic together. They've been best friends for a long time, so you have all that history that I adore in friends to more. The chemistry between them was great, and I loved his protectiveness of her. And that one kiss (again, you'll understand which one I mean when you read, I can't give it all away) ... so, so good! This was truly the perfect balance of humor, romance and mystery... and I loved everything about it. 

Somewhere Along the Way
is a closed-door romance with kisses only. There was less than a handful of very minor language as well. 

Grab your copy here: https://amzn.to/3SWkB91


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