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No Kisses for the Neighbor Next Door by Francesca Spencer: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

I’m not falling for the hot firefighter next door. There’s no point. He’s not sticking around.

Despite the initial spark between us, Cam Wickham remains aloof: polite but detached.

Which suits me fine. I love books and my cozy quiet librarian life. Shush, please.

So what if he has smoldering eyes, shoulders of a Greek hero, and a smile that melts me to mush.

Cam’s a confirmed city-boy bachelor who doesn’t even want to be in a small town like Oak River.

When the two of us are paired up at The Annual Spring Fair our attraction ignites.

My defenses are toast.

Then things really heat up at the Fire Department demonstration.

After a simulated rescue from a burning tower, the pretend mouth-to-mouth resuscitation feels more like a kiss.

If Cam still decides to leave, everything could go up in smoke, including my unprotected heart.

But he can never know.

No Kisses for the Neighbor Next Door is a heart-warming, closed-door, stand-alone romcom with laugh-out-loud funny stuff, falling-in-love kisses, and a HEA to bring on those happy tears.


WELCOME to the Sweet Spring Kisses Series Below!

The Sweet Spring Kisses Series comprises of four standalone sweet romance novels that contain swoon worthy moments, kisses, and happily ever afters. We hope you enjoy every one of them!

Book 1
Never Fall for your Brothers Best Friend by Abby Greyson
My brother’s best friend shattered my heart when he left to chase a dream of shoulder pads and glory. Now he’s back, but even worse, so is my crush. Anyone know how to keep a heart intact when heartbreak is inevitable?

Book 2
Digging up Love with the Sheriff by Evie Sterling
There's a new sheriff in town. He's tall, dark, and handsome. And a total thorn in my side. I can't seem to stop smiling. And I don't smile for just anyone.

Book 3
Whisked Away by my Billionaire Boyfriend by Bella Greene
When a billionaire CEO walks into a bakery, he gets more than a sweet treat, he now has a fake girlfriend. Maybe this structured life of mine needs a little chaos—and a whole lot of Piper.

Book 4
No Kisses for the Neighbor Next Door by Francesca Spencer
A handsome firefighter. A straight-laced librarian. A small town spring fair where the spark of pent-up emotions could burst into flames.


My stories are loaded with funny stuff, coincidence, drama and love.

I pull out all the action and comedy, which is usually tragic and accident laden - add some romance if it's romcom - and package it up in a satisfying narrative tied up with a big pink shiny satin bow.

Tadaah! Here you go. Enjoy.

​I'm a compulsive traveller. In fact, it's almost an addiction. I have to move around. To fund this expensive hobby, I've worked as an international primary school teacher in a number of countries, for a number of years, which has supplied its own rewards and serviced a mountain of writing material.

​When I'm not teaching or having marvellous adventures, I'm visiting friends and family and writing books.

No Kisses for the Neighbor Next Door is the fourth book in the Sweet Spring Kisses series. This is a multi-author series, with each book able to be enjoyed as a standalone or in any order. 

This was a super quick and sweet read! Cam and Molly had an unconventional meeting, but they hit it off quickly... the problem? He is only there temporarily and has no plans to stay in a small town. Their meet cute was definitely fun... it was awkward and cute and had me smiling right from the start and looking forward to what was to come in their story. Though the attraction is there right away, this was definitely a bit of a slower burn... though because it was a shorter read, it really didn't feel too slow! I loved the fair planning and how easily these two connected. Perhaps my favorite character was not even a human character at all though! Sinatra-- another neighbor's rambunctious dog-- certainly added a lot of humor and fun to the story that I absolutely adored. This was definitely a fun read. I hadn't read anything by this author before, but definitely look forward to seeing more from her in the future!

No Kisses for the Neighbor Next Door is a closed-door romance with kisses only and no language. 

Grab your copy here: https://amzn.to/49Zs6CP


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