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Last Minute by Ashley Funk: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

I need a vacation. I don’t need complications.


When my arranged engagement to the Crown Prince of Chastain is canceled, I plan my first solo vacation. Everything is going right, until it isn’t. Thanks to some favors owed, I find myself in America with a last-minute replacement for my usual Executive Protection Agent, and I can’t help but notice how 
unlike my usual EPA Erik is.

He’s tall, dark, and handsome…and definitely off-limits. There won’t be any falling for my bodyguard while I’m here.


My assignment in Berlin fell through, and I’m desperate enough to avoid my mother’s wedding that I’ll do anything…including taking an unconventional, last-minute assignment protecting a woman I’ve never met.

The problem? Ellie is beautiful, intelligent, charming…and a princess. Regardless of all the amazing things I learn about her, she’ll always be out of my league. But no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to stay away.

This closed-door novella is one of four standalone novellas in the "Black Swan Protection Novella" series.

Ashley grew up near the mountains, where she dreamed of being a fantasy author from a very young age. Imagine how surprised she was when she fell in love with and began writing romantic comedies. When she's not writing or wrangling her kids, she loves going on long-ish runs, avoiding the laundry, and drinking Dr. Pepper. She now lives in a small mountain town in Utah with her husband and five children.

Last Minute is part of the Black Swan Protection Novellas series. This is a multi-author series, with all books being able to be enjoyed in any order or as standalones. 

This series is absolutely convincing me that I need ALL the bodyguard romances... because I am just loving them so far!  After a failed engagement for her arranged marriage, Ellie- a princess from a small country- finds herself heading to America for a little vacation to clear her head. When her usual bodyguard ends up unable to join her, a last-minute backup- Erik- is called in to take her place. And oh my goodness, I just adore these two together so much! The chemistry was apparent right from the start and while the bulk of the story really only takes place over a few days, it still didn't feel like their romance was rushed. Quick, yes... but not unrealistic. With him being her bodyguard and the professional boundaries there, there was a little bit of a 'forbidden romance' vibe there, which isn't always something I enjoy, but it was done in way that I didn't mind at all! Really, I just found myself enjoying every minute with these two! 

Although this was definitely a shorter read, it really didn't feel that way. Would I have enjoyed more time with them? Sure, I adored them, but I definitely didn't feel like I was missing anything due to its length! The perfect bite size romance when you need a quick read! 

Last Minute is a closed-door romance with nothing beyond kisses. 

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