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Falling in Love with the Moth Faerie Prince by Camilla Evergreen: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Just so you know, kidnapping is on the table.

All I’ve ever wanted is to live in a fantasy world, and, yes, I am willing to sell my soul to a moth faerie prince to make that happen.

Which is perfect because after I’ve accidentally, maybe, kinda, sorta hit one with my car, that’s exactly what he asks for.

My soul.

And a kiss.

But we won’t talk about that. Because he told me not to. And I’m very good at keeping secrets. (Especially the one about how he flew into my headlights. I didn’t immediately blurt that to his chihuahua shifter and vampire cat friends at. all.)

I know I’m in over my head when he announces to his kingdom that I’m his soulmate and blackmails me into playing his “princess.”

In fact, I think I was in over my head long before I ever stepped foot in Faerie…

A scandalous, forced marriage of convenience isn’t going to fix that feeling…but maybe, just maybe, the moth faerie prince who looks at me like he’s never met another person before can show me the answer I haven’t been able to find on my own.

Falling in Love with the Moth Faerie Prince is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with light fantasy elements, neurodivergent characters, and plenty of closed-door sizzle. PLEASE NOTE the main character struggles with depression.

Camilla Evergreen is an alias of USA Today bestselling author Anne Stryker. Originally intended as a dumping ground for all things lacking fantasy, Camilla/Anne came to the shocking discovery that writing sarcastic, chaotic romcoms full of quippy heroines and adoring heroes has a kick to it.

Camilla/Anne’s neurodivergent tendencies leave her hyperfocused on writing sweet and sassy romances from dawn till dusk and lending whatever her current creative obsessions are to her characters. From arranged marriages to falling for the boss, there’s lots of love to go around.

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Falling in Love with the Moth Faerie Prince is the third book in the That's (Para)Normal series. This is one series that I feel like it's definitely best to enjoy in order as a series. The Faerie world is introduced more and more with each book, and I can only imagine that trying to jump in at this point and really getting the full picture would be very difficult to do. 

First and foremost, it's important to note that like all Camilla Evergreen books-and probably more so with this series than others, this book probably isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea and that's completely fine. She has created this world that is unique and different... taking on topics of mental illness and neurodiversity in a way that is somehow both realistic and magical. For those of us whose minds work similarly and have faced similar struggles, it's actually super relatable. I could see my own thoughts as I read through some of Alana's... (though I'd say in this series, I've related to Willow most of all!) and there's something really comforting in that, I think. But it was also 
wrapped up perfectly in this really warm and cozy fantasy story! And while fantasy is not my usual preferred genre, I absolutely adore this series!

All that being said, this one does deal very strongly with Alana's depression, to include suicidal thoughts so be sure to take care of your mental health before reading. The author did a great job of addressing this in author's note (definitely read that) and I personally opted to wait to read until I was in a better place mentally, which I think was a good choice as there were moments it was definitely tougher than other books in the series. 

Falling in Love with the Moth Faerie Prince is a closed-door romance, with mentions of sex but nothing beyond kissing on the pages. There is one instance of minor language, and some implied swearing but not spelled out. The author always does a great job with reader expectations, so be sure to check that out! 

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