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Catch a Wave by Savannah Scott: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Did you ever see a guy and just know you had to meet him?

That was me and Bodhi Merrick. I couldn't take my eyes off him as he donned his wetsuit at the famous big-wave surf spot, Mavericks. I'll never forget that day. Or every time our paths crossed after that. Big wave surfing is a small world.

And, as it happens, Bodhi felt the same tug---this irresistible attraction that drew us to one another.
We became known as surfing's "it couple." Our love was more famous than either of us.
Until life threw us for a loop and tore what we had apart.

Now, two years after our breakup, I find myself standing on my brother's front porch, ready to beg my only sibling for a place to crash.
Only, the man who answers the door isn't my brother.
It's my brother's best friend---also known as my ex-boyfriend, Bodhi Merrick.

Now we're living in the same house on Marbella Island.
Bodhi seems to have moved on.
My heart will always be his.

How am I supposed to heal from the biggest tragedy of my life when he's walking around in board shorts with his wavy hair falling across his forehead, and calling me the nickname he gave me years ago? Maybe I don't want to get over him. The question is: After all we've been through, can we give our relationship a second chance?

Catch a Wave is a closed-door romcom that will grip your heart and take you on a ride ending in a sweet happily ever after. Catch a Wave is the third book in the Love Trippin' series, but can be read as a stand-alone read without reading the other books in series.

Savannah Scott loves writing happily-ever-after romcoms with scenes where kisses make you melt. Her characters feel like long lost friends, and the settings make you want to take off on a road trip to visit.

You will smile. You will laugh. Yes. You will need coffee because you stayed up past your bedtime reading. Sorry, not sorry.

If you can’t find Savannah, she’s probably hiding with a book, dancing Zumba, or going a little crazy being the fun carpool mom who cranks the tunes and always goes through the drive-thru for copious amounts of sugar and fat on the way home from school.

(Can you keep a secret? I thought so. Savannah also writes as Patty H Scott, which is the Clark Kent to her Superman. If you like clean romance, check out Patty's books.)

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Catch a Wave is the third book in the Love Trippin' series. While we've met several characters in the previous books in the series, this can absolutely be enjoyed as a standalone as well. 

Anytime I pick up a Savannah Scott book, I know that it's going to be a good read. Her books are always just the right blend of heart and romance with laugh out loud comedic moments that I adore and I've not read one that I did not enjoy. But I have never fallen as deeply for two characters and their story as I did with Bodhi and Kalaine. Oh My. Goodness. These two were just... wow. I don't even have the words to fully express how much I enjoyed their story! There was such a depth to them that I couldn't help but want them to get their happily ever after... the tone might have been just a bit more on the serious side compared to other books in the series, but it still had all those humorous moments that I've come to expect as well to give it that perfect balance. I'm a big fan of second chance romances anyway, and I found this one was done remarkably. I loved how the healing from Kalaine's accident so perfectly mirrored the healing that needed to take place in their relationship. The story flashes back to their past, giving us that great history and I loved how we were given just enough to want to read on and see what went wrong. The surf culture added so much to the story as well and honestly, I just loved absolutely everything about this book! 

Catch a Wave is a closed-door romance with nothing beyond kisses.

Grab your copy here: https://amzn.to/4c0R6M0


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