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Wish You Weren't Here by Gracie Ruth Mitchell: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Clementine has accidentally freed a British genie from his ancient British teapot, and she’s not thrilled about it.

However, appalled by his living conditions—and grudgingly impressed by his jawline—she vows to set him free. But before he can join the human world, the genie must prove he can live like a human—and he must do it in one month, or he’ll fade away for good. As Clementine and the genie embark on a series of How to be Human lessons, and as they pretend to date in order to discourage the men trying to woo her thanks to a wish gone wrong, the two of them discover that being human is more complex than they expected—and that love can be found between the unlikeliest of pairs.

Gracie lives in a tiny town in Idaho, where she subsists on a diet of chocolate, romance novels, and kisses from her cute family. She may or may not have a cheesecake addiction, as well as an addiction to scribbling story ideas on whatever flat surfaces happen to be nearby. Clean romance and romantic comedy are her passion.

Oh my... what a magical read this was! Quite literally, in fact! 

I must say this one was definitely unlike anything I've read before... I mean, a British genie is accidentally released from a teapot... how fun an idea is that!? I admittedly haven't read a ton of fantasy/magic type books until more recently (and even then, it's not my typical read), but this was just so fun and cozy... and I absolutely adored it. First of all--- Alaric. This is just such a fun character and written so perfectly. He's so clueless about human interactions and that leads to some hilariously awkward moments, but that cluelessness also lends to his charm. I love his bluntness and that lack of filter makes him super loveable... even when it's super embarrassing for Clementine. Clementine was a great character herself... and one that I definitely felt connected to with her anxiety and insecurities. Together, their story definitely had it's awkward moments... but it was so sweet, and I just adored them together. From start to finish, I absolutely could not get enough and didn't want it to end.

The side characters in this story were just as wonderful too... I find myself wanting to return to the mysterious town of Carousel Cove to see more of them too. 

Wish You Weren't Here is a closed-door romance with kisses only and no language. 

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