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My Secret Celebrity by Kristine W. Joy: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

I’m an Italian Celebrity. She's a paparazzi out to get me (or so I thought). Our story begins with a photo, a clash, and a secret.

I’m Italy’s most famous actor, seeking refuge from the spotlight after my public breakup.

But when my Amalfi Coast getaway gets disrupted by a fiery redhead wielding a camera, the exclusive Mare Verde Hotel quickly becomes a battleground.

Our meet-hate sparks a whirlwind of clashes, but beneath the animosity lies undeniable chemistry.

Convinced she’s a paparazzi and determined to uncover her motives, I learn that Larisa Thompson is oblivious to my celebrity status—only here for a bachelorette getaway, not to write an exposé.

Suddenly, I want to know everything about the feisty American photographer with icy blue eyes.

Entranced, I craft a lie, posing as a businessman for the chance to experience a connection untainted by fame.

But as love blossoms, my hidden identity threatens to shatter everything.

Can she see beyond my lie, or will I lose her forever?

My Secret Celebrity is a sweet and swoony closed-door romcom. It's the second standalone story in Kristine W. Joy's My Way to Romance Series following three best friends who live in Boston.

Kristine W. Joy is an Amazon Bestselling Author who loves creating sweet and swoony stories full of sizzling chemistry and laugh-out-loud banter. She prefers her coffee iced and her kisses hot. When she's not dreaming up romance novels or writing from a cozy coffee shop in Northern California, she is spending time with her hubby and toddler. Becoming a published author was a lifelong dream. Becoming a momma was the inspiration to make it a reality.

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My Secret Celebrity is the second book in the My Way to Romance series. While there are some familiar characters, this can definitely be enjoyed as a standalone without any issues. 

What a fun read this was! 
Gianluca and Larisa's first meeting was... well, let's just say they didn't start off on the right foot! It didn't take long for them to discover that their first impression may have been a little off and they quickly develop a relationship. The only trouble? He's a huge Italian movie star... and she has absolutely no idea who he is! While that has the potential to be a little tricky to pull off--- making the character believably unaware when he's supposed to be this mega-star--- the author did a great job or giving reasonable excuses as to how that can happen... and it made for such an entertaining story! The chemistry between these two was so fantastically done...  I couldn't get enough of them! Their romance happened pretty quickly, but it didn't feel as though it was as quick as it was... and I loved every second of it. 

My Secret Celebrity is a closed-door romance with some semi-detailed kisses, but nothing beyond that and no language. 

Get your copy: https://amzn.to/42BTPad


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