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Resisting My Boss by Marion De Ré: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

The minute my new boss steps foot in the conference room, my dream job turns into a nightmare.

Jude Reed and I already met.
Last night. In a bar.
We danced. We kissed. I ditched him...
Let’s just say I’m not ready to be a carefree city girl yet. And let's just say Mr. Reed holds a grudge.

Working for Jude is not what I signed up for, and he won’t be winning Boss of the Year anytime soon. Between his sky-high expectations and cryptic explanations, he has the entire office on their toes.

"Grumpy" doesn't begin to describe him.

Or so I thought...

Because the more time I spend around him, the more his tough exterior crumbles, revealing someone as sweet as his secret baking talent.

There's a reason he plays an intimidating role that strikes fear into his employees, but just knowing there's a caring man behind the mask doesn't mean I'm suited to be anything more than his assistant.

No matter how irresistible he is.

Resisting My Boss is the second book in the For The Love of Rom-coms series. All books are standalones, told in dual POV and end with a happily ever after.

Perfect for fans of:
✔️office romance
✔️swoony British accents
✔️off-limit tension
✔️forced proximity
✔️baking lessons that end in food fights
✔️funny banter
✔️closed door/fade to black

Marion De Ré is an author of swoony closed-door romantic comedies. She lives in the French countryside with her husband and adorable cat. You can expect all your beloved tropes in her writing as well as a good dose of humor and all the feels. When she's not reading or writing, you can find her on a plane to a far-away destination or in a Champagne cellar, indulging in a tasting of her favorite drink. 

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Resisting My Boss is the second book in the For the Love of Rom-Coms series. While you might see some familiar characters, you can definitely enjoy this just fine as a standalone as well. 

We first met Lina in Hating Thy Neighbor as Charlotte's best friend, so I was very excited to get her story... and it did not disappoint. The story starts as she is adjusting to her new job in a new country. When she goes to a bar with her new coworker, she meets and kisses a stranger, something that is uncharacteristic of her... but she stands him up before it goes any further. When she shows up to work the next day, she learns that the man from the bar is her new boss. Talk about awkward! Their chemistry throughout the story is absolutely wonderful, whether it's in the banter or the romance and I found I really enjoyed them together. Of course, I'm always a sucker of those moments when he takes care of her--- both in the instances of being sick and in just being protective--- and we definitely see that in Jude, making him all that much more enjoyable to read! Without giving away any spoilers, the way it all works out in the end? I absolutely adored it! Marion De Ré has such an effortless writing style that I find really enjoyable. It feels lighthearted and cozy, even in moments where the topics go a little heavier. 

Resisting My Boss is a closed-door romance. It does have implied intimacy, but everything is off the pages with no details given. There is also some mild language throughout the story as well. The author always does a great job with reader expectations, so be sure to check that out to decide if this one's for you! 

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