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Play Me Once by Carina Taylor: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

What happens when the man I can't stand becomes my boss?

Kingston Palmer is 
public enemy number one. Pain in the—*ahem.

You see, I used to 
like Kingston. He even asked me out...and then crushed my feelings.

To Kingston, I'm nothing more than a game. One that he's sure he can win.
Don't worry; he underestimates my 
own dedication to winning.
Unfortunately for me, I accidentally signed on to work at his company (yes, yes, it's a loooong story).

Kingston is my new boss.
But I'm nothing if not efficient. I'll be an expert at my job all while dutifully ignoring my boss and his ability to lean on door frames.
My task is to create a nonprofit that benefits the community. Easy peasy.
It's everything else that gets complicated: avoiding my boss, making the required snide comments, and turning him down for dates is turning into a full-time job all on its own.
It's not like he 
actually wants me. At least, I don't think so...

Note for the reader: Play Me Once is closed door rom-com with mild language and discusses heavy topics like disordered eating and dysfunctional families.

USA Today Bestselling author Carina Taylor loves to write witty romantic comedies that bring a smile to your face.

When she's not writing, you can find Carina ignoring her laundry pile (she's hit expert level), pretending to work out (she's probably just reading), and dreaming up the next story.

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Play Me Once is the second book in the All's Fair series. While I would highly recommend the first book as well (because it was great!) , this can definitely be enjoyed as a standalone as well without any issues. 

Oh my goodness, this book! Carina Taylor is absolutely the queen of flirty banter and Play Me Once is a prime example of just that. I absolutely loved the back and forth between Kingston and Willa. Sometimes their flirting ventured a little into threatening... and call me crazy, but I loved it.  It was sassy and fun and had me laughing out loud more times than I could count. It wasn't just their banter I loved though, but their chemistry in general was just the best. The moment in the elevator? So, so good. My favorite moment involved a golf cart and well... I just couldn't stop laughing! I really couldn't get enough of these two and found myself not ready to say goodbye to them at the end. 

In the midst of the fun, the book does take on the topics of disordered eating and family disfunction, so be sure to consider that if that could be upsetting. 

Play Me Once is a closed-door romance with chemistry filled kisses, but nothing more. There is a bit of minor language throughout the story as well. 

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