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Change Of Plans by Cindy Ras: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Emberleigh Hayes is stepping out of her comfort zone (but not too far) and starting fresh in a new town. After years of being a disappointment to her parents, she finally worked up the courage to run from the man and the life they chose for her. (Metaphorically–southern ladies do not sweat.)

And now she’s armed with a foolproof plan:

Step 1: Rein in the awkward.

Step 2: Get through the next blind date.

Step 3: Find a job.

Step 4: Succeed despite her “inferior” gender.

Step 5: (The most important step of all) Under no circumstances let her hopeless romantic heart catch feelings…again.

Things are going swimmingly–except for one tiny hitch from her past–as Ember manages to befriend a few nosey neighbors, find a job that doesn’t require spinning a sign, and adopt only one remote-wielding cat.

But then there’s Colton King, Ember’s new boss, and the fact that his presence does something funny to her insides. Despite his annoyingly attractive appearance, Ember knows that her chisel-jawed employer is potentially leaving town and definitely off-limits. He’s basically a relationship tsunami warning.

Ember vows not to lose her heart, but it turns out there’s more to Colton than his sexy surface, and he’s determined to get her to see it…even if it means teaching her that it’s okay to change her plans.

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Oh my goodness... what a debut! 

Right from the start, these characters drew me in. They were both so well written and I couldn't help but find myself wanting to learn more about them. Colton's initial reaction to seeing Ember for the first time? Oh, I just absolutely adored it and really hooked me for the whole story. As a romantic comedy, there are definitely plenty of funny moments, but it also deals with some more serious issues like emotional abuse and strained parental relationships too. It was balanced very well and made me enjoy their story all that much more. Ember is so used to depending only on herself, so seeing Colton break down those walls as the story went on was the best. I'm admittedly a sucker for 'he takes care of her' and this certainly had that going for it in the best way possible. They were the sweetest together and I enjoyed every single minute. 

I definitely loved Colton and Ember together, of course... but I also really loved the family dynamic with Colton's family too. His relationship with his brother Ethan was done just perfectly... and I look forward to seeing more of that in future books. With a debut like this, I absolutely cannot wait to see what Cindy does next! 

Change of Plans is a closed-door romance with nothing beyond kisses. There was a fair amount of language throughout, but nothing too major. 

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