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6 "Just Because" Gifts Any Mom Would Love and Appreciate

Now that the holidays have passed, your family probably won't expect any more gifts from you. But, there are many times every year that you realize your Mom needs - and deserves - your appreciation. Statistics show almost 60% of people who use the internet will make an online purchase at least once a week. Here are some gift ideas you can find online that your Mom will treasure and appreciate.

1. Shower Her With Flowers

There's a reason so many people give flowers as a gift. Their beauty - and their enticing scent - can bring a smile to almost every face. Furthermore, 85% of gift recipients report that getting flowers makes them feel special. If you want to choose flowers that symbolize gratitude, blue hydrangeas traditionally symbolize feelings of thankfulness for how special your Mom is.

2. Give the Gift of Self-Care

When you were a child, Mom lavished her care on you. Allow her to lavish the same measure of care on herself. You might choose a box of assorted bath bombs, which can soothe Mom's muscles and surround her with the heady scent of flowers as she takes some well-deserved "me time." Another choice could be a bottle of your Mom's favorite perfume, which she can dab on whenever she needs a lift in her mood. If you're feeling generous, find a pretty gift basket and fill it with self-care gifts like powder, lotion, loofahs, and body spray in Mom's favorite scents.

3. Treat Mom to a Cup of Tea

Many people enjoy tea, and if your Mom is one of those people, you can gift her with an assortment of her favorite teas. If Mom prefers loose-leaf varieties of tea, get her a tea-leaf infuser, so she can enjoy her favorite flavors. There are many styles of tea-leaf infusers made from wire - some of which have adorable designs. However, if your Mom has a quirky sense of humor, a seller on Amazon offers a tea infuser whose top makes it look like the Loch Ness Monster is swimming in their tea cup.

4. Cover Her Feet in Comfort

You know how hard your Mom works and how many steps she takes on behalf of her kids. Let your Mom know you appreciate all those steps by presenting them with comfy slippers. Some slippers have amusing patterns or unique designs. If you want to take your gift a step further, choose a pair of uniquely styled socks that will sheath Mom's legs and make her smile.

5. Show Her She's Sweet with Some Treats

You know what your Mom likes to snack on better than anyone, so a bit of searching can help you discover some delicious gifts she may like. If budget-challenged, fill a Dollar Store cookie jar with home-baked cookies or other homemade treats. Many people enjoy receiving the bounty of the Fruit of the Month Club. If Mom enjoys eating cookie dough, Goldbelly offers a gift of four containers of edible cookie dough - even available in gluten-free varieties.

6. Help Her Make Home Improvement Easier

While Mom may not relish her home improvement tasks, she probably gives them her usual best efforts. If your Mom is a single Mom, she may confirm statistics that show single adults don't do as many home improvement tasks as married people. Make Mom's home improvement tasks easier with a custom tool belt or tool chest stocked with the tools she uses most often.

Mom has given you years of love, and you don't need to wait for the next holiday to show her your appreciation. Choose one of the above ideas, or consider your Mom's favorite things to help select something that suits her. If anyone deserves a "just because" present, it's Mom. With some imagination and internet searching, you can gift Mom in a way that shows just how special she is.


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