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The Mistletoe Makeover by Grace Worthington: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

He’s the hottest country rock star in the country whose reputation needs repaired.
She’s an unemployed event planner who’s desperate for a job.
When a hometown Christmas festival forces them together, the only thing they have in common is the one thing they’ll never admit to: their secret crush on each other.

In the small town of Maplewood, Christmas is more than just a date on the calendar—it's a weeklong celebration during the town’s annual Mistletoe Festival.

When Mia receives a call asking for help giving the festival a makeover, she takes the job…with one catch.

She needs to convince the hottest rock star in the country, Jace Knight, to do a Christmas concert in Maplewood…an impossible task since he’s become a grumpy recluse.

With the pressure to fix his ruined reputation and write new music, Jace reluctantly says yes to the concert, but only if Mia agrees to be his assistant.

It’s a win-win situation for them both…

Until they get stranded together during a freak snow storm.

Now Jace has to avoid the feelings he can’t admit to Mia.

And Mia is faced with an impossible choice…between love or the life she thought she wanted.

The Mistletoe Makeover is a heartwarming holiday romantic comedy about the power of love and laughter. This Christmas romance is perfect for those who love sweet, closed door romantic comedies!

Grace Worthington eats, breathes, and geeks out over sweet romcoms. So it’s no surprise that she believes that laughter and love are a cure-all for pretty much everything in life. After a short stint working in musical theatre (where she was often cast in comedic roles), she instills her books with witty banter, lovable characters, and a story that moves your heart and soul. Her inspiration includes quaint towns by the beach, romantic comedy movies from the '80s & '90s, and the crazy shenanigans of her family. Snag a free sweet romcom at graceworthington.com

The Mistletoe Makeover is the third book in the Renovation Romance series. You can definitely enjoy this one just fine as a standalone if you have not yet read the previous books in the series. 

If you enjoy Hallmark-like holiday stories, you will absolutely love this one! I know I certainly did! I loved the interactions between Mia and Jace... right from their initial awkward meeting! Let's just say... they didn't hit it off right away! But when they have to work together to help save the town's Mistletoe Festival (and his reputation), that all changes! The story was packed full of Christmas cheer, great laughs and swoonworthy moments too, and I loved it all. 

I haven't read a lot of 'never been kissed' stories, and honestly, I'm always a little apprehensive about them because I think it can be hard to so without seeming either unrealistic or preachy. There are very few that I have read that have really done it well... and this is certainly one to be added to that list. It felt realistic for this character and added a unique element to the story that I really found myself enjoying!

The Mistletoe Makeover is a closed-door romance with kisses only and no language. 


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