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My Forbidden Billionaire by Kristine W. Joy: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

He’s a single dad. I’m his daughter’s teacher. Fate brought us together, but my job is keeping us apart.

When I met Jacob three months ago, he left a lasting impression on me.

In fact, I haven’t stopped thinking about him since.

Knowing nothing but his first name, I assumed I’d never see him again.

Imagine my surprise when I walk into my new job as a literature instructor for the best private school in America and … there he is, tall and imposing.

Turns out, his ten-year-old daughter is in my class, which means we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of each other.

The tension between us is growing stronger and stronger. It's like a magnetic pull drawing us together, and I can't help but want to get closer to him.

Dating a parent is completely against the rules, but Jacob seems determined to break them.

My Forbidden Billionaire is a sweet and swoony off-limits, billionaire, single dad romcom with plenty of sizzle while keeping the bedroom door closed. It’s the first standalone story in Kristine W. Joy's sweet romcom series following three best friends in Boston.

Kristine W. Joy is an Amazon Bestselling Author who loves creating sweet and swoony stories full of sizzling chemistry and laugh-out-loud banter. She prefers her coffee iced and her kisses hot. When she's not dreaming up romance novels or writing from a cozy coffee shop in Northern California, she is spending time with her hubby and toddler. Becoming a published author was a lifelong dream. Becoming a momma was the inspiration to make it a reality.

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Oh my goodness, I absolutely adored this book!

Josephine and Jacob were the sweetest together. They met by chance and had immediate chemistry... but parted ways with nothing but a first name and a lasting impression. They meet again a few months later to discover that she's his daughter's teacher at a prestigious private school... a school where parent and teacher romances are strictly off limits! 

There was really so much to love about this story! First of all, as far as single dads go, Jacob is a pretty great one. I love the relationship that he has with Clem...and how both he AND Jo look out for her best interests. Clem herself was a fantastically written character who just added so much to this story too... she's the sweetest little matchmaker... with just the right amount of sass. Truly, I just adored her. Both Jo and Jacob have a love of books that is a huge part of the story... the way her uses that love to show his affection? It'll definitely have every book lover swooning, that's for sure. I enjoyed seeing a few of my own childhood favorites referenced... and the mentions of Matilda were absolutely spot on for this story! Truly, I just found myself smiling throughout and I absolutely could not get enough! 

My Forbidden Billionaire is a closed-door romance with nothing beyond kisses and no language. 

Purchase your copy here: https://amzn.to/3SC7tqY


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