Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A Look Inside The Old Testament Handbook {Review + Giveaway} #OTHandbook #BHPub #holmanbible @bhpub

**Book provided for consideration. All opinions are my own.  

As Christians, we know the importance of reading the Bible, right? 

And I really love parts of the Bible. The New Testament? I could read it over and over and not love it any less. Same with parts of the Old as well... but if I'm being completely honest, I sometimes struggle with other parts of Old Testament. I find that I need a little help to fully understand what I'm reading and how it all fits together. 

So, when I was given the opportunity to check out The Old Testament Handbook, it seemed like it would be perfect for me... Check it out:

About the Book:
Immerse yourself in the Old Testament Handbook, an elegant, full-color Bible handbook that includes robust summary content, charts, maps, word studies, illustrations, and more for every Old Testament book of the Bible. Constructed with high-quality cloth cover materials and a sewn binding, the Old Testament Handbook is designed to last a lifetime as a valuable companion resource for Bible study, teaching, and ongoing discipleship.

I must admit that I went into this completely blindly, reading just the name without reading too much into the description or looking at any interior pictures. So, when I opened the book for the first time, I was absolutely blown away by how gorgeous it was. Seriously, the design was done so well that I can't help but want to flip through it. More importantly though, I love the content inside. It is as useful as it is beautiful... and the perfect accompaniment to my Bible reading to help me better understand what it is I'm reading and what it all means. At the time of this review, I have admittedly not read through the entire handbook as I plan to use it with that reading... and well, that'll take awhile! But I am certainly loving what I am seeing so far and cannot wait to use it more as I study through the Old Testament in the new year. 

Want a copy for yourself? Buy yours here:

And there's a giveaway! Head here to enter to win:


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