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A Guide to a Coastal Vacation with Your Family

If you’re desperate for some fresh air and a sea breeze, you might be looking into booking a coastal vacation for your family in the near future, especially if youre currently going through a stressful period in your life.  

Then, read on to get your vacation planning started and ensure that the shoreline isn’t just a distant dream for you.  


Forget Trending Beaches 

Rather than spending your entire time at Instagram-worthy beaches that are packed full of tourists and sunbathers, you should instead look around for coves that are off the beaten track. These can make visiting the beach a less stressful and quieter experience and can ensure that youre able to find a prime spot to lay down your beach towel.  

You might even ignore the beaches altogether, and spend your trip hiking along coastal paths, exploring seaside towns, and enjoying water sports, such as surfing and wind sailing.  


Go Camping 

To make sure that you don’t feel as if you've just exchanged one bedroom for another, you should consider going camping for the duration of your trip. Camping can provide you with an exciting experience where you can teach your kids survival skills and garner a new respect for nature and the natural world thats never very far from you.  

However, when you go camping, you'll need to find a campsite thats safe and secure. You can do this by searching for family-friendly campsites along the Oregon coast and beyond that have all the facilities that you need. This will prevent you from regretting your decision to go camping halfway through your stay.  


Check the Weather 

Before you travel, though, you should check the weather forecast for your destination. This will allow you to plan suitable activities and will mean that youre able to pack the right clothes. For instance, you might need a good raincoat if youre planning to travel to the coast in poor weather, especially since coastlines are often windier and rainier than other parts of the country.  

This will enable you to have a happy vacation that isn’t dependent on the sunshine and will mean that you don’t end up coming home early just because the weather wasn’t what you expected.  


Opt for a Scenic Destination 

There are many different types of coastlines, and some are prettier than others. Instead of simply expecting the coast to be beautiful or choosing a destination that will be crammed with tacky outlets and attractions, you should do your research to find a location thats incredibly scenic. This will form the perfect backdrop for you to make memories that youre likely to remember for the rest of your life.  

You should try not to trust every view that you see on Instagram, though, and you should look at digital travel guides and speak to other frequent travelers to find a place that fits your requirements and where you can take amazing photographs throughout your stay.  


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