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Witchever Way You Go by Anne William: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Two hearts. Two holidays. One enchanting house swap.

Whoever said "opposites attract" clearly never met me, Emma Starling, a friendly witch with a house spookier than your ex's ghosting skills.

I may have listed my 
charming home on a house-swap website, but nobody has contacted me, until now.
Enter Oliver "Mr. Deck the Halls in October" Green.
He’s both insanely attractive and insane for transforming his place into a gingerbread house before Halloween.
As our worlds collide through amusing texts and a trail of dares, it’s clear this house swap is about to take an enchanting twist.
Despite all odds, we've got more chemistry than a cauldron.
Those sparks flying, aren’t just from our clashing personalities.
But I can’t shake the fear that my witchy secret will extinguish the heat between us.
Honestly, my love life could use a spell or two, but I refuse to change who I am.
And most guys, can’t handle who, or what, I am.
Oliver is not like most guys (though I’m still not convinced he’s not Santa, himself).
Maybe, just maybe, there’s a chance this witch will find love in the unlikeliest of places.

Witchever Way You Go is a feel-good paranormal romcom that is sweet but has all the sizzle, swoon, and happily ever after you're guaranteed to love. Buckle up on your broomstick, because this is absolutely a ride that'll sleigh you!

Anne loves reading and writing swoon-worthy romance with a healthy dose of humor and adventure. Fierce females, adorable males, and happy endings are a must. She lives in the midwest, but is always traveling and seeking new adventures with her husband and four children. By day, Anne is a Cartographer, and has always loved geography and nature. The great outdoors is where she finds a lot of her muse, so you can expect to be taken on a wildly entertaining journey with each and every one of her books.

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Oh my goodness. This book. 

As someone who almost always has her Christmas tree up in October (occasionally even September), this is 100% my type of Halloween read! It's a paranormal romcom (part of the Monster Mash Romcom Madness) with just the right blend of Halloween and Christmas. It's important to note that the FMC in this story- Emma- is a witch, and as such might not be one that appeals to all readers. However, I will say that there is absolutely nothing at all dark about this story. The magic in this story is very much similar to things like Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Bewitched--- lighthearted and friendly. It had everything I love about romcoms, with some fun magic on top of it all. 

Oliver is like me--- all about Christmas. So, you can imagine the fun to follow when the two do a house swap! Talk about opposites attracting! It was such a fun idea, and really executed so well too. I couldn't help but enjoy every single minute of the story. This unexpected match is also the perfect match, and I just adored them together. 

As I said, as someone who enjoys Christmas earlier, I thought this was the perfect Halloween read for me... but it's also perfect for those who enjoy a little spooky past Halloween and even those who fall somewhere in between can certainly enjoy this one too! At just a little over 100 pages, it's a quick read too--- I easily finished it in just one sitting. Despite its shorter length, it didn't feel rushed or incomplete in anyway (though I certainly could have enjoyed more time with these two anyway). I absolutely loved it! 

Witchever Way You Go is a closed-door romance, with nothing beyond kisses and a hint of innuendo. There was no language. 


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