Monday, September 18, 2023

Just a Grumpy Boss by Deb Goodman: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Sebastian Tate’s a hot, grumpy boss trying to push his company to the next level... and in a comedy of errors not even Shakespeare could write, I'm now his assistant.

My theater history career goals might seem odd to some, but hey, life’s too short not to follow your dreams. Still, when my beloved beachside theater is deemed unsafe and I lose my job, my brother calls in a favor. I have no choice but to work as Sebastian’s executive assistant.

Sebastian is grouchy and demanding—too handsome for his own good. Haunted by the past, he can’t risk a relationship with anyone.

I’ll be going back home to California soon, anyway. My whole life is there. Keeping things professional between us will be no problem.

But when he accepts my help to fine tune the company’s charitable efforts, our long working hours become even longer. Suddenly, I have a front-row seat to another side of him. The man’s dedication to his family is charming. His frosty demeanor? Slowly melting. His unlikely kindness? Making me wonder if love isn’t just for poets.

Except, I don’t want to fall for him. I really don’t.

Can someone please tell my heart that?

Just a Grumpy Boss is a sweet, small-town romantic comedy with all of the sizzle and none of the spice! It’s the third book in the Tate Brothers series, which chronicles all six Tate brothers' pathways to love at their resort in the idyllic, quirky small town of Longdale, Colorado.

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Deb Goodman’s obsession with the written word started at age three, when she realized the old-timey newsprint wallpaper in her family’s bathroom had actual words on it. The only problem? By the time she learned to read a couple of years later, the wallpaper had been replaced with something else—boring, non-worded wallpaper—and to this day, she still doesn’t know what it said.

Now, she and her husband and four children live in Utah. They love sports, music, and doing slightly insulting, pretend voices for their little shorkie, Mavis.

Deb writes funny, small-town romance that you won’t need to shield your kids’ eyes from. Billionaires, friends-to-more, enemies-to-more, cowboys, fake relationships…there’s something for everyone here!

Writing lovey dovey books comes naturally to Deb since, to her, there’s nothing better than reading and writing about how two people fall in love.

Just a Grumpy Boss is the third book in the Tate Brothers series. Each book focuses on just one of the brothers, so while you might have a better understanding of the family dynamics/history if you've read the previous books, I definitely think this could be enjoyed just fine as a standalone as well. 

I've got to admit, when we first see Sebastion in this story, I wasn't sure I was going to like him much... but by the end? Well, it's going to be pretty hard to top him as my favorite of the brothers. He's a grump and very much goal oriented to a fault at times, but he was also super protective of his family and came to be that way with Elianna too. Who doesn't love seeing that softer side of a grump!? I also really enjoyed Elianna's character. Having a love of the 90s myself, her dedication to all things 90s is absolutely fantastic. I loved that little bit of detail that just set her apart and couldn't help but find myself wanting to peek inside her closet! Though she also had big goals too, she was also much more carefree, and it was just such a great balance between these two characters. And their chemistry? So good! 

If you enjoy coworker romance, grumpy/sunshine and small-town vibes, this is definitely one you'll want to check out for yourself. 

Just a Grumpy Boss is a closed-door romance, with nothing beyond kisses and no language. 


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