Wednesday, September 20, 2023

How Jenna Became My Dilemma by Kortney Keisel: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

I'm fake dating a man I don't even like.

When a tabloid breaks a false story that I'm in a relationship with my co-star, Cody Banner, I'm positive my acting career is over before it's even begun.

I'm Done. Finished.

But approval ratings skyrocket overnight, putting the rumors on the front page of every news outlet. Now I'm forced to make a deal with Hollywood's most notorious bad boy and chain dater.

It's either go along with the fake-dating charade or single-handedly bring down both our careers. No, big deal.

If only the lines between fake and real weren't starting to blur, leaving my heart wondering if Cody's just a really good actor or if he's starting to fall for me too.

How Jenna Became My Dilemma is a celebrity fake dating romantic comedy. It brings all the banter, sizzle, and chemistry while keeping the romance closed door. This is the second book in the Famously in Love Series.

Kortney graduated from the University of Utah with an English degree and spent a few years before motherhood teaching 7th and 8th graders how to write a book report, among other things. But after a reading slump, where no plots seemed to satisfy, Kortney pulled out her laptop and started writing the "perfect" love story...or at least she tried. Writing love stories is her job...just kidding. Her real job is taking care of her five awesome kids and spending time with her husband.

Kortney loves a good romance movie or book, warm chocolate chip cookies, and traveling the world.

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How Jenna Became My Dilemma is the second book in the Famously in Love series. While we are first introduced to Jenna in Complete (the Sweet Rom "Com" series) and see her again some in the first book in this series, you can definitely enjoy this one without having read either of those books too. 

I've been looking forward to Jenna's story for awhile... and let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint! I fact, it exceeded my expectations. Right from the start I was drawn into Jenna and Cody's story. I enjoy a good enemies-to-lovers story, but I've found that sometimes it doesn't feel like they are truly enemies at all.  But Jenna's dislike of Cody? Oh, I felt that! Which made their warming up to each other all that much sweeter. And boy, did they warm up to each other! Let me just say... Kortney Keisel is a MASTER of writing a swoon-worthy kiss. The car wash kiss in Complete is one of my absolute favorite book kisses ever... but Jenna and Cody's first true kiss? It certainly gave it a run for its money! There was no shortage of chemistry between these two! And I loved every single minute of it! This story had me laughing out loud one minute, swooning the next... and that epilogue? The absolute best. I absolutely loved it all! 

How Jenna Became My Dilemma is a closed-door romance. There are some innuendos, and the kisses are sizzling, but it goes no further. 


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