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Easy as Pie by Carina Taylor: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

My best friend is back in town—and I refuse to let my pesky attraction to him ruin our friendship.

Tripp Sharpe and I have been best friends since middle school. And when he moved away to go to medical school and become a doctor? We’ve kept up by texting, phone calls, and every funny reel we come across.

I have one simple rule for myself: protect our friendship at all costs—even from myself.

But when Tripp moves back to town, I can't ignore the attraction I feel. If it were anyone else, I’d just avoid him. But it's hard to avoid a guy who thinks we're still the same ol' besties we've always been.

Or are we? It turns out some things have changed for him too.

Maybe I'm imagining the long stares, the lingering touches, or the flimsy excuses to spend time together, despite his ridiculous schedule.

And when Tripp asks me to show him how I like to kiss? It seems like I’m not the only one blasting through our friendship rules…

USA Today Bestselling author Carina Taylor loves to write witty romantic comedies that bring a smile to your face.

When she's not writing, you can find Carina ignoring her laundry pile (she's hit expert level), pretending to work out (she's probably just reading), and dreaming up the next story.

You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram: @carinataylorauthor or sign up for her newsletter here: https://sendfox.com/cjtaylorauthor

Easy as Pie is the fifth book in the Sweater Weather series. This is a multi-author series all set in the same small town of Harvest Hollow. Each book can be read as a standalone or in any order. Fans of Carina Taylor may also recognize Tripp from Forget Me Twice, but again you will not have to have read that to enjoy this one. (Though there might be a few small spoilers for that story in this one.)

Right from the start, this story had me laughing... the grocery story scene was just the perfect way to have these best friends come together in person again. I could picture the whole thing in my head and couldn't help but laugh out loud at the imagery. It certainly endeared me to Hazel right from the start. Those laugh out loud moments kept coming throughout the story. (Honestly, I should just get used to my family looking at me like I'm crazy when reading a Carina Taylor book-- she brings the humor so well!) Tripp and Hazel were so great together too. I loved their dynamic as friends, but even more so as they realize their feelings towards one another.  It's a slow burn, just as a good friends-to-more should be... and made that first kiss all the more worth it. And that kiss scene? No spoilers here, but oh my goodness, I loved it! I just adored these characters and absolutely could not get enough of them. This is definitely an absolute must read!

Easy as Pie is a closed-door romance with great chemistry, but nothing beyond kisses. There was a handful of minor language throughout, but it was very minimal. 


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