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Along for the Ride by Heather Miekstyn: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

A waitress accused of murder. A detective bent on proving her innocence. Dating lessons gone horribly awry…

Emily Brown has hit rock bottom. Dead end job, newly single, and, the cherry on top, her license just got suspended. Enter Reed Montgomery, the annoyingly attractive detective who offers to drive her to and from work in exchange for dating lessons. There’s only one problem—Reed is her ex boyfriend’s brother and he doesn’t remember Emily. Oh and also, Emily might be developing a teeny-tiny crush on him.

Make that two problems, then.

Emily has the situation all in hand though. Reed has his sights set on a beautiful lawyer, so the beautiful lawyer she will help him get. Then everyone can move on with their lives none the wiser about both her duplicity and her crush. Whew.

But when one of her fellow waitresses is found dead at the restaurant, a series of unfortunate coincidences turns Emily into the top suspect. Now she may have to rely on Reed for even more than rides. She’ll need him to help prove her innocence. All while keeping her feelings for him from spiraling out of control.

Right, so four problems, then…

As a child, Heather Miekstyn used to spend hours in her room creating characters, then writing out the first half of their stories before eventually losing steam. Then she discovered the romance genre and realized the key to finishing any good story-a happy ending.

Heather resides in Michigan with her husband, four daughters, and their rambunctious black lab. When she is not writing, she can be found reading, running, or playing Bananagrams. She hopes her books leave you feeling like you’ve just been hugged by a Hallmark movie.

For more information visit her website, www.heathermiekstyn.com or follow her on Instagram @heathermiekstyn

Oh my goodness... give me ALL the romcom-ysteries... I am HERE for it! 

Along for the Ride has everything that I love about romcoms--- the humor, the romance, the swoon-iness... and then throws a fantastic murder mystery into the mix... and I absolutely loved everything about it! Right from the start, this story drew me in. When we first meet Emily, she has just been dumped and is pulled over for speeding by none other than the ex's brother Reed... only he doesn't remember who she is. Now, I've said before that the whole ex's sibling/wrong brother thing should not work... and yet, every book I've read with some sort of play on that trope has become a favorite for me... and this one is absolutely no exception! Throw in some dating lessons, fantastic banter and chemistry, and a good dose of found family... and there was really just so much to love about this story. Emily and Reed together were just absolute perfection. 

As much as I loved Emily and Reed, the side characters introduced were every bit as wonderful as well. They helped to take this story to the next level. I was so excited that this is the first in the series, because I absolutely need more of these characters! We were given just a taste of the story to come next and I cannot wait! 

If you're looking for a book that has all the fun of a closed-door romcom with some mystery thrown in, you absolutely do NOT want to miss this one! 


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