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The Only Moving Checklist You Need to Ensure a Swift Move

Moving is undoubtedly stressful. But the relocation process is nothing new for Americans. Do you know every year, in the US, approximately 3 million relocate interstate? 

Are you also planning to relocate soon? If so, proper planning and preparation are crucial to ensure a stress-free process. With so many tasks to perform, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and lose track of important details amidst all the hustle and bustle. However, developing a plan and staying organized can ensure everything goes smoothly throughout the moving process. For this reason, you need a moving checklist. That way, you can be sure that nothing gets missed from the list of your tasks.  

Fortunately, we have compiled a comprehensive moving checklist to ensure a swift and timely move.  

Let’s check it out: 

1. Choose The Right Movers 

When planning a move, don’t forget to hire local movers. Not only will they assist with transporting your belongings to your new place but also with packing and unpacking. Some of them also offer storage solutions. You can keep some of your valuable belongings in their storage units while you navigate the moving process.  

To find reliable movers, research online. Look up local moving companies near me and hire those that best suit your budget and needs. 
2. Start Purging Your Belongings 
Truthfully, you won’t be using everything you own in your previous house in your new place. So, hoarding all of your stuff in your new home doesn't make sense. Before packing, ensure to go room by room to sort your belongings. Taking only the necessary items will help you start fresh and stay organized. 

You can divide your possessions into three categories: sell, give, or throw away. Theres another option, though. For instance, if youre doubtful of a certain item, consider renting a storage unit. Purging is an excellent way to lessen your load and travel affordably and efficiently. 
3. Purchase Necessary Moving Supplies 
Once you have purged, your next step is to start the actual packing process. Unless you are handing this task to the moving company, you must gather packing supplies. With the right supplies, you can make your packing process more manageable and less frustrating.  

Are you wondering what packing supplies you need? Get everything, from cardboard boxes and tape to permanent markers and bubble wrap. And don’t forget, the better the quality of the packing supplies, the safer your belongings will be during the move.  
4. Optimize Your Packing Approach  
Here comes the most dreadful part – packing. Just a glance at your existing residence full of every little item you’ve hoarded will cause you stress. However, starting as early as possible can relieve some stress. Create an inventory of your items so nothing gets lost or misplaced. 

Most importantly, don’t just randomly place stuff in the boxes. Doing so will leave you even more confused and frustrated when you start unpacking. Instead, a better idea is to label all four sides of the boxes so you would know which items are inside the boxes. You can begin your packing with seasonal or non-essential items first. Handle fragile items with care so you don’t damage them during the process.  
5. Get A Bag Of Essentials 
Of course, your moving day will be hectic. Once you have unloaded the boxes in the new place, you surely don’t want to dig through the pile of boxes to get a toothbrush or a particular medicine. Thats where your essential bag comes to the rescue.  

This bag must contain everything you may need on the first night of your move. It can include your phone charger, clothes, toothbrush, disposable utensils, cash, medicines, toiletries, important documents, etc.  
6. Don’t Forget Utilities And Other Services 
What good is your new place if it doesn’t have electricity or water? So, weeks before your final move, contact all the utility providers. These include electricity, water, sewer, gas, cable, etc. Let them know about your move date. If you are moving within the same state, you can ask the providers to transfer utilities to your new abode. However, if that’s not the case, no worries. Research and contact utility providers in your new area and have them make new installations. 

Furthermore, leaving your old place means saying goodbye to the gym, club, or community center memberships. You can either end or transfer your membership, too. 
7. Take Care Of The Food In Your Home  
While preparing for the move, don’t forget to handle the food supplies in your pantry and kitchen appliance 

You must have stashed some perishables in your pantry or freezer. While you may transport them to your new place in a cooler, why not get creative and prepare a tasty meal? This way, you can lessen your packing load. 

Moreover, if you have a freezer in your old home and wish to take it with you, be sure to unplug it for at least a couple of days before moving. The ice will melt away, making it easy to transport your appliance without any damage.  
8. Notify Important Parties Of Your Move 
There’s a good chance not everyone knows about your relocation. Therefore, reach out to the important parties and share this news with them. Start with close family and friends. That way, your loved ones will stay in the loop and might also lend you a helping hand in this stressful process. They can also help you navigate this emotionally challenging period.  

Don’t forget to update your new address at all the relevant places, including banks, employers’ HR departments, insurance firms, and credit card companies. While at it, inform your dentist or doctor’s office, too. 



Undeniably, the moving process can be time-consuming and stressful. It doesn’t matter if youre moving locally or internationally or shifting from a small flat to a big mansion. The relocation process never gets easy. However, you can have a stress-free transition with the right resources and preparation. So, navigate your relocation journey with our checklist and swiftly settle into your new abode. But most importantly, don’t forget to hire local movers since they possess the expertise to make this process easier.  



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