Wednesday, August 2, 2023

The Art of Falling in Love with Your Enemy by Anne Kemp: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

All’s fair in love and war…until the man you love to hate throws you in jail.

Etta: Moving to Sweetkiss Creek was supposed to bring me closer to family and offer a fresh start. Instead, it feels like everything is spiraling out of control. First, there's my mischievous dog who has a knack for escaping and ending up at the police station. Then there's my ex, who has found away to give me a headache even from miles away. But the cherry on top of this chaotic sundae is Zac Wright, the infuriatingly charming man who also happens to be my nemesis.

Zac: From the moment I laid eyes on Etta McCoy, I knew she was something special. She's drop-dead gorgeous, but her grumpy attitude could use a makeover. When my boss assigns me to organize a team bonding retreat, I’m unexpectedly partnered with Etta…and the more time we spend together, the more I realize her tough exterior is merely a candy-coated shell, and I want to be the one who cracks through and discovers the sweetness inside.

Anne Kemp is a bestselling author of romantic comedies. She loves reading (and she does it ridiculously fast, too!), gluten-free baking (because everyone needs a hobby that makes them crazy), and finding time to binge-watch her favorite shows. She grew up in Maryland but made Los Angeles her home until she encountered her own real-life meet-cute at a friend's wedding where she ended up married to one of the groomsmen. For real.

Anne now lives on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand, and even though she was married at Mt. Doom, no…she doesn’t have a Hobbit. However, she and her husband do have a terrier named George Clooney and when she’s not writing, she’s usually with them taking a long walk on the river by their home.

You can find Anne on her website - come say hi! She’d love to hear from you:

On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest: @missannekemp

On TikTok: @annekempauthor

The Art of Falling in Love with Your Enemy is the second book in the Sweetkiss Creek series. While these characters were introduced in the previous book, I do think that this could likely be enjoyed as a standalone as well. 

Every great love story starts with the police officer hero arresting the heroine, right? Okay, maybe not... but it certainly made this one stand out in the best way possible! Right from the start, this book had me laughing out loud and loving the dynamic between Zac and Etta... both from their banter early on as they butted heads or their fantastic chemistry as they fell for each other... it was all just so enjoyable! Throw in what I'm convinced is a match-making dog, an alpaca, and a brotherly bet that 90s RomComs should have taught us are NEVER a good idea... and well, there really was just so much to love about this fun story! I absolutely couldn't get enough and am looking forward to seeing what comes next in the series! 

The Art of Falling in Love with Your Enemy is a closed-door romance with great chemistry, but nothing beyond kisses. 

If you're looking for a great Enemies to Love story with small-town charm, this is one not to be missed. 


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